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Friday, January 3, 2014

A Few Christmas Poems

Twas a few days before Christmas,
And all through the Charlesworth House,
many creatures were stirring, 
including the mouse. 

Jokes were being had,
Even though many seemed mad…

Yet, many cousins were all smiles,
for they haven't seen one another in awhile. 

The young's were causin' trouble,
waiting for puberty to grow some stubble. 

Others thought they were so hot.
Even though, they're really not. 

With many cuties along the way,
We wanted them to stay! 

With love and joy in store,
We are grateful for Christmas parties galore! 

Twas the Night before Christmas…. 
And the Ainge household was insane. 
After awhile, we all almost lost our brains. 

Many games were played, especially little toy cars, 
the kids waiting up til the evening stars.

Many beautiful nieces and nephews were so dang cute, 
even though sometimes I wanted to give them a boot. 

Peek a boo was happening and kids were constantly playing, 
the adults were hoping these smiles were not soon fading. 

Christmas decorations were all around, 
giving us a peaceful Christmas sound. 

The Christmas Eve table was beautiful and set, 
ready for the best dinner everyone ever tasted, I bet. 

Once the food was eaten an our stomachs were full, 
the kids had a talent show--this is no bull! 
Breakdancing and singing were a part of the show,
our "shy" children were ready to go! 

The piano was played cause we are full of skill, 
Even though some of those notes were quite shrill. 

With 20 people all in our home filled with glee,
it was time to act out the nativity. 
It was quite sacrilegious, but we did our best.
However, our salvation may have been put to the test

Christmas Eve presents were opened with sheer joy, 
the little kids hoping for new toys. 
Instead the kids received pj's that were matching.
With one another, their excitement was now catching. 

We survived the Christmas Season amidst the screams and tears,
Yet, we were lucky to be together as a family, once again, this year. 
Hope your Christmas was as crazy as ours. 
For Next Christmas, we are counting down the hours. 

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