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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Utah Reception

You guys sick of this stuff yet? Ha. I'm sorry...I'm just so slow at this posting wedding stuff. 
Aight homie g's.
Sidenote: I  call my students that all of the time and they think I'm hilarious. Yep, I can make 6th graders laugh. Proof that I really am funny, despite many of you skeptics out there. 
We got murried (translation: married) in P town (Portland, not Provo...) and it was perfect. I don't know if you can tell but I was kind of obsessed with my wedding. (That's a good thing, right?). We went our honeymoon. Did honeymoon stuff. (Sorry mom). and my mother in law and sister in law put on a WONDERFUL open house/reception in Utah. My wedding in Oregon was very vintage classic. And my mother in law wanted to go very vintage rustic country because, well, my in laws haha.
It was beautiful and I loved it so much! I loved that I could just relax (as you can tell by these photos because there is literally not ONE normal picture of me here) and have an enjoyable time with so many people that I love. Oregon is my home and will always be my home, but I have been in Utah for almost  5 years now and some of my nearest and dearest friends are here. And I was overwhelmed with the amount of support that I received at my Open House! It was in a gorgeous backyard, on a perfect August night.
(kinda makes me miss those deliciously warm evenings since it's 20 DEGREES OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW). Summer>winter.
(PS--Kelsey, I spy youuuuuu. Told you these bad boys would come up soon. Love you!)

Thank you, Lizzy, for these wonderful photos!

{Wedding Series}
The Proposal

My students from last year came! I almost cried when I saw them show up! 

Just doinz my hurrs.

The parentals being precious. 

Look at this homemade cake! Isn't that so dang cute?! The books cause I'm a teacher and the baseball mit for Tanner cause that' s his favorite sport. I spy a little bit of camo too. My in laws joked that they were going to put camo somewhere in my wedding. I refused. So they resorted to a ribbon :) 

Cousin, Hunter. 

Such a classic look.

"Stop telling me to make normal faces. I don't make normal faces!!!"

Hey! Leave me alone!

More students!!! 

My lover. 

My dad is sick of wedding stuff. 

I let loose. Let my hair down. and BUSTED A MOVE. 

So did Tanner.... You should see him shake his hips. #hedidballroom

Sigh. Makes me miss those awesome (and stressful) celebrations!
I would say til next time, except, well, I'm sort of hoping this is my only marriage.
Maybe I shouldn't be typing this.
Maybe we will throw a big party in 5 years to "renew our vows". No?


  1. Students at your wedding!!! I love love it. If I could get married again.... oh wait. I wouldn't. But still. How awesome would that be!

  2. What a beautiful wedding!

  3. Oh my gosh what a beautiful reception! I got married in December and it was freezing cold so I'm a little bit jealous you had better weather (; You look gorgeous btw!

    Dearest Lou

  4. GORGEOUS! Love your blog! New follower.
    Would LOVE to add you to the list and feature you on my blog for I Am a Mormon Monday ( you can see today's feature so you can get an idea of what it's all about)
    If you are interested, shoot me an email and I will give you all the details.

  5. I just saw that you are from Portland, Oregon. We lived in Lake Oswego for awhile, then moved to Sherwood (where I graduated High School) and then to Tigard. I know live in Chandler Arizona.

  6. How beautiful! Love all the tiny details of this reception!! :)
    xo TJ

  7. How did I not notice your cake at the reception?! It is so awesome! Also that picture of me gazing at you hahaha. Love you!!

  8. Okay seriously. You guys are a darling couple, your hair looked AMAZING, and that dress?! I can't even. What a beautiful wedding!


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