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Thursday, November 7, 2013

{Wedding Series} & {November Thankful Moments} : Mom & Dad

Today, for my {Wedding Series} and {November Thankful Moments} I wanted to show you some of these photos from my wedding of me with my parents. 
I love my mother and father. 
Sometimes, I don't love them as much.
In fact, in high school I don't think I was aware that I loved them at all.
Luckily, however, I have grown up a little bit (kinda). 
Even through our extreme differences of personalities, I am so grateful to have a mother who is willing to laugh and embarrass me. I am so grateful for a mother who literally planned the most beautiful wedding on this planet. I am grateful for a mother who taught me to be a strong, independent woman. (Would have been nice if she taught me a filter though ;)) I am grateful for a woman who was sociable and made effort with so many people growing up. ("Moooom, are you done talking yet? Let's go!" Were often phrases I whined to her!). She showed me the importance of building relationships in your ward and community. 
I am so grateful for a father who would drop anything at this exact moment if I needed anything. I am grateful for a father who taught me about how to manage money, and exercise, and to watch sports with. I am grateful for a father who had an immovable testimony. I am thankful for a father who had a pure love of music, which rubbed off on me entirely. 
I am grateful for parents who love me more than anything in the world. And I am grateful for their advice, even when it is completely unsolicited (ha). I am so thankful that I have parents who let me be who I am. Who let me say stupid things and emotional and maybe a little too rough around the edges. 
I am grateful that I could have these beautiful photos with my mom and dad. 
They're the best. 

Coming out of the temple. 

Speaking at my wedding. 

Love this photo. Such a Papa expression. This was during Tanner and I's first dance. So priceless.

Daddy/daughter dance. 

Close Your Eyes-James Taylor

singing to me ♥ 

They both look tired. Ha. But still babes!

Nona and Papa to the most beautiful grandchildren in the world...



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