Sierra's View: {Wedding Series} & {Nov. Thankful Moments}: The In Laws!

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

{Wedding Series} & {Nov. Thankful Moments}: The In Laws!

Wedding Day: With My Sister Bridesmaids
Wedding Day: Brother
Wedding Day: Friends/Bridesmaids

 My {Wedding Series} and {November Thankful Moments} for today are:
my in laws. 
I am so grateful I married into such a great family. No, they are not perfect. And yes, they have their issues (who doesn't?) but I married into one of the kindest, most humble, welcoming family. Tanner is the oldest of 6 kids so it's so fun to be around his family. I get all those younger siblings that I was never able to have growing up. I get to boss them around instead of the other way around :). From the moment they met me, the Charlesworth family has been incredibly welcoming and loving. Sure, Tanner's family is very different than mine. But I am grateful that I am now a part of a family who just loves and respects me, even though I have my downfalls. They are not as opinionated and loud as my family, which is a nice break :). I only have one brother here in Utah, while all of Tanner's family (yes, almost literally, all--extended family, etc.) all live here so we get the opportunity to see them a lot. I am grateful that I can just walk into my in laws house and eat whatever I want. I am grateful that I have a family here whenever I need one. They are such good people.  And it's refreshing to be around such good, honest, hardworking people. I am proud to take their name! (even if it is super long! Ha).
Love you guys!


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