Sierra's View: {Wedding Series: Bridal Sunset Photos} AND {November Thankful Moments: Sunshine}

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Monday, November 4, 2013

{Wedding Series: Bridal Sunset Photos} AND {November Thankful Moments: Sunshine}

I am finishing up my Bridals with the Sunset Photos. 
These photos are some of my favorites from my bridal shots.
The lighting was fantastic and I think they capture how "in love" Tanner and I were, and still are. 

November Thankful Moments: 
What I wanted to show from these photos was also my love for sunshine. 
Today was very cold here in Utah. We are taking freezing temperature. 
Hell isn't hot. Cold weather like this is hell. Hahaha. 
I am a sunshine girl. I feel better in the sun. I am more active. I eat better. I am happier. 
Although winter has come, I think (ugh), I love that, here in Utah, the sun still comes out sometimes.
I loved growing up in Portland. But I do not miss the clouds and rain. I love being able to see the sky and sun even in these cold winter months. 
I am grateful for the sun, even in the winter. And I am grateful that the sun always comes around. Even when things are hard. The sun will eventually rise. 

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