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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

{Wedding Series} and {Nov. Thankful Moments} : Flowers

My {Wedding Series} and {November Thankful Moments} post is specifically on 
Winter has commenced in Utah. The beautiful colors of fall have faded and the brisk, yet still pleasant afternoon walks are dissipating. I step outside and the chill is that chill that is just a little too cold. You need your hands in your pockets in order to be okay. And friends, I don't like having to have my hands in my pocket. 
I have always wanted a summer wedding. I dreamed of having it in my backyard in the luscious, green state of Oregon. And I did. And it was perfect. I was bored with planning my wedding after two weeks. Ha. I cared about three things: my dress, the photographer and the flowers. Once that was done, I honestly did not have that strong opinion on certain things. I knew Michael, my gay florist from Portland who was, and I mean this in every stereotypical way, fabulous. Because, well, he was. He was seriously amazing. And this may sound pathetic but the second he handed my bouquet as I stepped out of the temple, I was almost moved to tears. They were little the most beautiful things I had seen. Haha! He knew my style and my taste and totally went with it. And it was the kind of bouquet I wanted exactly.
So pathetic, huh? 
But, seriously. 
I would rather have flowers over chocolates. 
(I know, I know). 
Something about flowers just makes me feel feminine and sweet, which are, well, two things that I don't exactly portray all of the time. They smell amazing and make everything so beautiful around them. 
I am especially grateful for them during this time of year because they are not up to their potential right now. And I dream of the days of walking through fields and smelling flowers in the warm spring days. (yes, I know. Already thinking of it and it's only November). 
So, take a gander at this bad boys and you will see what I'm talking about.
mmmm so perfect. 



  1. SOOOO gorgeous!! Flowers definitely can be better than chocolate! They lift the spirits without widening the hips. ;) haha! But seriously, flowers brighten a day like nothing else.

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