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Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Love Dare {The Beginning}

My dear blogging friends Amberly and Mrs. Collier invited me to join in on this fantastic blogging book reading club. (Online book club?! Yes please!). What intrigued me even more was the idea that this specific book had to do with working on marriage. Which, well, to be honest, we all know that I need to work on this (yea, more on my marriage confidence here). The name of it is The Meaningful Marriage Book Study. (Man, I love bloggers sometimes. So catchy). 

During this month, I am supposed to make a marriage relationship goal. I took the Love Dare Online Evaluation. Wow, that was insightful. To say the least. Honestly, I knew what my struggles in marriage were before I took the test, but it was a good reminder into the more specific things I need to work on. Then again, my husband made a very good point. He told me that I am incredibly hard on myself (I am my worst critic) and that as he watched me take the quiz, the things I was marking down were not true from his standpoint. So, I guess it's all relative. Either way, It was good to see my strong suit as a wife and some of my likely weaknesses. 
After evaluating, my monthly marriage relationship goal is to be more patient, kind, and aware. I know that seems like such a lame and cliche goal, but I need to keep it broad so that I don't overdo it (I would, believe me). Patience is not my forte. I tend to be quite, well, impatient. Especially when I am tired. And my poor husband gets the brunt of it often times. I am a very sarcastic person and I need to work on just being more aware of my husband: that includes being kind to him and how he is feeling and serving him more often.

I'm gonna be the best freaking wife ever after this Love Dare Challenge. 

Sidenote: I have been a very poor blogger. No, we are talking incredibly bad. Over on this girl's end it is full of parent teacher conferences, teacher meetings, actual teaching in the classroom (that's the easy part compared to the other two) and lots of exhaustion. So forgive me. And yes, I WILL finish my Wedding Series. I promise. Just be patient. 

Speaking of patience (see what I did there) the book we are reading is called "Love Dare" and the first night of reading is on Patience. It is not only an actual reading book (shocking) but I can write down goals and things to work on. It is very hands on, which I need, otherwise I won't do anything to improve myself in my marriage ;). 

I am going to read now. It feels so good to read something that is not a 6th grade math textbook. 

Come join in on the fun. We have good discussions on Facebook and link ups.

 Meaningful Marriage Book Study


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  1. Your whole first paragraph just made me smile! I love your personality, it's so great! Maybe Tanner should take the test for you ;) jk. I know when I took the test, I knew I did badly at things but when I saw my score I was like, "Yikes... apparently I'm worse than I thought!"


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