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Friday, August 9, 2013

{Wedding Series}: Bridals~The Handsome Groom

{Wedding Series}

One of the best things about being married is being able to walk around without clothes on. 
hahahaha just kidding.
(kind of).
No, but seriously, being married has been such a great experience so far. I love being able to go home with my husband (still weird to call him my husband. Even weirder that I am a wife). Even though learning to sleep in the same bed with someone is quite difficult for me (my sleep time is very important to me!) and the poor guy has to deal with my constant crazy kicking and moving in the middle of the night, I love our late night conversations and routines. It's so fun to start creating traditions; learning about how each of us does things around the house. Honestly, the transition into married life has not been difficult for me (us) at all. I have known Tanner for 3 years now and I think that was such a positive precursor to our married life; there haven't been any surprises (well, so far). I know we will keep learning about each other, but I feel like I know him so well that his little quirks and idiosyncrasies are not surprising at all. I expected them, to be honest. 
Tanner is so patient, loving, kind, energetic and hardworking and I can't believe he is mine for all eternity :)
He looked so handsome at our wedding, which is why I wanted to post some photos of him from our bridals. 

He wore a tan suit from Banana Republic (it looked so good on him--we are not into tuxes) with a mint/aqua plain skinny tie. I wanted Tanner to look like himself (he is very stylish) so I had him wearing tan for summer. The mix of the tan and the blue tie was so perfect for July. He wore brown boat shoes with it as well. 

This is the one time I'm allowing you to check out my hot husband ;) Enjoy. 

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