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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ish Just Got Real.

I'm getting married in 4 days!!!! 
Everyone, let's take a deep breath together.
It's funny I am feeling so wonderful about marrying him. I feel calm and confident. It's being home and everything else (all the silly stupid stuff) that makes me self conscious and emotionally drained.
I am nothing but excited to start this journey with him. I have been away from him for two days and I miss him (gag me, I know!). 
When I had a very emotional day (like today...ugh...) he reminds me how beautiful and wonderful I am. He always does an incredible job at making me feel better about myself. 
That, my friends, is what entails a keeper. 

It's gonna be a real pretty party, ya know?


  1. Yes, he is a keeper when he makes you feel wonderful about yourself! We are so happy for you two. Sooo sorry we will miss your special day.

  2. I'm so bummed that I'll be out of town the day of your reception! I wasn't going to be originally and then our vacation plans changed! :( But we need to hang out soon!!!!

  3. LOVE this! So happy and excited for you Sierra :)


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