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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

LINK UP Bachelorette Thoughts: Desiree's Season {Episode 3}

Episode 1: Season Premiere
Episode 2: My Dislike of Desiree Begins

Well friends, the Bachelorette is back!! Is it pathetic how excited I am for this? Yes, yes it is. I know. And is it also pathetic that my girlfriends and I have made a bracket? Yes, yes it is. But, it’s fine, cause I’m gonna win. We are competitive over here, people. f you want to join this bracket, let me know. I can send you it J

Since the Bachelorette is up and running, I have to document all my thoughts and jokes. I can’t help but laugh at this show. Yes, I make fun of it, but I also love it. Like, a lot. And I want you Bachelor/Bachelorette lovers to join the party!
Here’s the game plan:

I have decided to make this a button only link up party!
 I know so many people watch this show (I know you do!)
 So let's all get in on the drama, eh?
Here are the rules: 

1. Follow Oh, Just Living the Dream. 
2. Put the Bachelorette button somewhere in your post and link it back to mine! Easy enough, eh?
3. Leave a comment telling me that you linked up!!!! 


Michael. Ew. I can't stand him. I'm also 60% sure he's gay and is just pretending he's straight. 
Oh, Dodgeball. Genius. This will be good.
DID YOU SEE HOW HIGH THAT BLACK GUY ON THE NATIONAL DODGEBALL TEAM JUMPED. Hahaha makes these other guys look like pansies.
Of course Michael is continuously saying the disgusting ball comments. Why do they keep showing him talking? He is so annoying. 
Des...gah...I can't stand her. Yep. I officially made this conclusion. She is such a ditz. She really just does not seem that smart. And she doesn't say anything. Ever.  
Hahahaha the testosterone is going. So freaking hilarious. Look at their faces.
"Whiz of the balls flying by your face...."Just guess who said this. Michael. Shocking.
"OH MY GOSH THIS IS NOT GOOD. I DON'T WANT ANYONE TO GET HURT. dbaskjnfsdflsdssa stop talking Desiree. Her ssssssss's. Kill me.
"This is intense--game 7 of world series....this is palpable." Really Drew? That's the word you're gonna use?  Well, okay. Somehow I don't feel like this game is not that intense. I don't know. Maybe that's just me though. 
Dude Chris is athletic. Look at him go. Who knew?
Desiree...stop.talking. She can't say one sentence without sounding awkward and stupid. Grrrr.
Why do they act like Brooks is dying? He just broke his finger. Homeboy is gonna be okay. I promise.
Desiree needs to do something different with her hair. 
Why do all of these guys sound gay? WAIT I KNOW WHY. THEY ARE ALL ON STEROIDS.
WHOA BRAD HAS A KID. Where did this come from? Actually got me on that one, bachelorette. Well played. On another note, he is BORING. Blah blah blah.
"You're kidding me...this is sooooo funn...oh my goosssshhhhh. Sit? YES. OH MY GOSH I LOVE TO SSSSSSIT. WOW."-Desssssssiree
Chris is really starting to impress me. Started off chill and coming in strong. Atta boy!
She liiiiikes Brooks. Even his gay voice. When they both talk they can say their sssssssss's long together.
Desiree has like no emotion. She's so choppy and is like. eh uh here is uh your uh rose. you were like ssssssooo open with me so like uh here ya go.
K I have zero connection with any of these guys. Zero. A lot of them seem fine but I feel nothing from any of them. I can't gauge their personalities, etc. This season kinda sucks so far. It all seems so staged more than usual. They are all trying too hard to be on tv. 
Oh my gosh this phone scene....woooooow.
She's not even mad. She's just doing what the show is telling her what to do. This is so stupid.
Desiree is feeling so awkward right now. Stephanie is pissssssed. haha.
This wasn't even climactic because Brian was a nobody. Nobody cared about him. And clearly both him and his gf are cray cray. I love how Des was just he's not staying. See ya. 
Brian wasn't even phased. He's just whatever. 
Bye bye Brian. No one knows who you are anyway.
I feel so bad for Brandon. "I don't want anyone to leave me anymore." So heartbreaking. Homeboy has had a rough go. And I feel bad for him. He is an emotional rollercoaster. 
The guys kinda seem like they all get along pretty well..except Ben. But I think that just might be tv making him look like the bad guy.
This date is sooooo awkward with Kasey. Her mind is so gone--she is not present at all. 
Its way too forced. She's trying too hard with Kasey. 
These guys look fiiiiiine in their cowboy outfits. 
I just love Bryden!!! He is so cute!! He needs to be more aggressive though. It bugs des that he is so passive, I can tell.
hahaha I freaking love James. He looks so goooood. He is so funny cause he looks like this big dumb jock but he has some depth to him--he's a big teddy bear. And he's freaking hilarious.
Zak W. needs to go home.
Wait I forgot Juan Pablo was still on the show. hahahaha. He only won cause he spoke Spanish.
She kissed him! Wow. She just likes him cause he's hot. That's it. She has terrible taste.
Bryden put his hair to the side!!!! It looks way better!!! Yay!!!!!
Des is being way more real on this cowboy date. I appreciate it a lot. 
I feel like the guys don't like Ben because he's a threat. Because he is good at seeing Des and getting away with it. I feel like they are pissed because they don't think of it first. Yea, he's a little sketchy, but he's just more smooth than them. And I think it intimidates the guys. He does seem kind of like a tool, but not any more than some of the other guys there. 
Tell me why what Ben did was a character flaw? I thought it was really smart of him. The guys are just pissed they didn't think of it first. I do understand why the guys are pissed that he is lying, that would bug me too, but just move on. Who cares.
"My dating life is not public."- yea thats why you are on the bachelor, Ben. 
Why do these guys care anyway if Ben is lying? Just ignore him. 
I'm liking Drew less and less. I feel like I don't really know him yet.
Leave it to Brandon to have the sentimental comment right away....
Whoa he pulled the L word out. WOW. TOO SOON.
He's so weird..... He has serious attachment issues. 
Dude, Mikey, move on from Ben. Just worry about yourself. He's just jealous, that's why he's so hung up on what Ben is doing. 
oooooh her dress is pretty.
Good for Des for sending Brandon home. He was way too attached too soon. And better now than later. She knew that he was emotionally unavailable. Poor guy needs to work out his issues before he goes on a dating show. He is so emotionally unavailable. Why would he go on a dating show? 
Still torn about Ben. I don't get that negative vibe from him but all of the guys hate him--even the really nice guys!! I don't know what this all means.

Til next time. 


  1. Good morning! Just found you through the Aloha Friday hop! I love your idea for the Bachelorette link up! I will deff be following along! :)

  2. Just found your blog!!
    Now following.
    looking forward to getting to know you and keeping up!

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  3. Ha! I don't watch the bachelor but found your post hilarious! Newest follower here! I was hoping that you'd pop on by my neck o' the blog woods and follow back!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. adorable, SO many issues! You're right about Brian too- who cares?? And I am totally on the fence with Des. One minute I like her, and the next I think she's totally ridic. (Wedding dresses on a first date? NO.) Anyhoo, always love your Bachelorette recaps!!


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