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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

LINK UP Bachelorette Thoughts: Desiree's Season {Episode 2)

Episode 1:Season Premiere

Well friends, the Bachelorette is back!! Is it pathetic how excited I am for this? Yes, yes it is. I know. And is it also pathetic that my girlfriends and I have made a bracket? Yes, yes it is. But, it’s fine, cause I’m gonna win. We are competitive over here, people. f you want to join this bracket, let me know. I can send you it J

Since the Bachelorette is up and running, I have to document all my thoughts and jokes. I can’t help but laugh at this show. Yes, I make fun of it, but I also love it. Like, a lot. And I want you Bachelor/Bachelorette lovers to join the party!
Here’s the game plan:

I have decided to make this a button only link up party!
 I know so many people watch this show (I know you do!)
 So let's all get in on the drama, eh?
Here are the rules: 

1. Follow Oh, Just Living the Dream. 
2. Put the Bachelorette button somewhere in your post and link it back to mine! Easy enough, eh?
3. Leave a comment telling me that you linked up!!!! 


Here goes nothing:
  • I really am starting to not like Desiree. I know it's only the second episode but she seems so incredible boring. She doesn't show much emotion, she always tries to look "put together" so it deters from her authenticity, and I can't stand how she says her s's. Goodnesssssssss. She is always so chipper and girly. It just seems fake to me. I don't know...maybe that's how she is. It kinda bugs me though. Plus she sucks at getting jokes. She doesn't get when the guys are joking with her.  
  • I like Brooks! It drives me nuts that he talks like a girl, but I don't know, I think he's real and fun and cute. He would be much more attractive if he didn't have the voice of a 4th grade boy, but still.
  • Oh wow...they did the pulling eachother back dance move. Are we in 7th grade? eeeek.
  • What a fun date! I would like to dance with Andy Grammar on a bridge with a boy. (Tanner? You reading this?)
  • Soulja Boy is in the background of this date going, 'Holy hell..who put me with these white boys'. Ya know, except, more black. (Is that politically correct? Whatever.)
  • Hahahaha these white boys trying to hip hop. So funny.
  • K I'm obsessed with Will. He is so freaking hilarious.
  • James is like your typical crazy jock. He is never gonna win, but holy crap he is good entertainment. He kills me--in a good way. 
  • "I'm the whitest white guy there is, despite my gorgeous tan."- Michael G. Oh man, send him home. ha/
  • Oh man no pants Brandon. POOR GUY. 
  • This date is amazing. So funny. 
  • Shirtless Zak's present is so incredibly sweet--the vintage journal. Very thoughtful. Hey, he has depth! Yay!
  • Nice butterfly analogy, Brandon. But, hey, he makes a good point. He's mr. emotional! 
  • Ben knows all the right words to say. Homeboy is smooth. He is either a very good manipulator and showman, but I like him! I can't help it.
  • I thought Mikey's talk with Ben was very mature of him. Good for him. 
  • Brandon had a rough life and he seems like such a good guy but holy crap he is WEIRD. He is way too forward--already talking about his issues as a kid and coming home to her. Yikes.
  • Bryden is a good looking dude but he just needs braces and a new haircut. Then he'd be better looking. He just needs a little help with that dumb and dumber hair.
  • She seems like she has a lot of fun with him. I think she is totally into him.
  • He is like a little boy--always so chipper and happy. Never been to california so he is like in awe!
  • I like how she asks the guys real questions--she wants to know deeper things. 
  • Yay Bryden!! What a little cutie. His personality, that is. I just want to hug him. He is so awkward though--he needs to kiss her!!!
  • How many times can he say "this was awesome. this was so fun."
  • "Just kiss me already!" Oh Des, I love it! Aw he was nervous. He just needed a little push! Go, boy, go!
  • Michael G. Ahhhh Diabetes. Now really send him home. He is such a weirdo. And his nasal voice is annoying. Ha I am terrible.
  • Okay I take back what I said about Ben. He IS a master manipulator. I am very torn about how I feel about him. I can't tell if he is a scum bug or if that is just how he is. I'm torn...
  • I think it's funny when guys have drama. They get so pissed. I love it. Guys who have drama is just funny--not stupid girl drama.
  • Girl does not kiss the guys or waste any time with these roses. She gets down right to it. Haha. love it!
  • Nooooo She sent will and robert home. She's dumb. I am so shocked actually! I liked them both. But she didn't have much a connection with them. They weren't forward enough.


  1. Oh my heck, thank you! I feel like she just loves everything that every guy does on this show and she says the same things over and over again....

  2. Great blog! Thanks for co-hosting the blog hop! New follower:)


  3. I have to admit I love this show too! I have been watching forever and my husband sits next to me and makes fun of everyone on the show. We have a drinking game where we each pick three words at the beginning of an episode. Words like emotional, journey, connection etc... Then anytime someone on the show says one of our words the other has to drink. So much fun! Anywho...I am one of your co hosts for Aloha Friday this month. Now following you!

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  6. I'm also a "Aloha Friday" co-host & I'm going through all of the co-hosts to make sure that I follow all - you are one that I was not following until now. You have a wonderful blog!! I'm your newest GFC follower - this is my blog if you wanted to follow back:
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