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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hold on Tight!

Here is what is happening in the next month of my life:
-moving apartments
-finishing wedding planning (yes, I still  am working on invitations. They will be the death of me). 
-setting up an entire classroom and planning a whole new curriculum.
-get married.

So. uh. yea. You could say I'm a little busy. They are all such wonderful things so I am trying to be grateful and not stressed. So, my point is that I may be a little MIA for the next little but. Still love me? :)

Another note, we got a sample of our bridals. Oh my goodness I am marrying that hottest, most loving, generous, sweetest man alive! 27 days! Enough planning...I just want it be here! 


  1. LOVE these! And I think you're totally allowed to be a little MIA this month. Getting a husband always beats blogging. :)

  2. seriously, can't tell you just how beautiful you are sierra!!!

  3. aww such gorgeous photos! I wish you both the best of luck and hope that everything runs smoothly :)

  4. Your pictures are so stunning. You're gorgeous.

  5. look at all that two are glowing! i am in LOVE with these pics! seriously, you two are both GORGEOUS!! your dress,hair,hair flowers...AMAZING!!!! cannot say enough good things! i am so happy for you too!

  6. Beautiful shots!! Makes me want to have another wedding ;)


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