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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hold on Tight!

Here is what is happening in the next month of my life:
-moving apartments
-finishing wedding planning (yes, I still  am working on invitations. They will be the death of me). 
-setting up an entire classroom and planning a whole new curriculum.
-get married.

So. uh. yea. You could say I'm a little busy. They are all such wonderful things so I am trying to be grateful and not stressed. So, my point is that I may be a little MIA for the next little but. Still love me? :)

Another note, we got a sample of our bridals. Oh my goodness I am marrying that hottest, most loving, generous, sweetest man alive! 27 days! Enough planning...I just want it be here! 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bikram Yoga

Recently, I have been doing Bikram Yoga about five times a week and I honestly cannot tell you the positive affect that it has had on me. I am not talking about just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Bikram Yoga is yoga in a sauna. Sound intense? It is. It is so incredibly difficult and it pushes me past my limit. But, it is also is low impact which is something that I love. See, I hate running. Hate it. Running has always hurt my body just as much as it has helped it. I grew up playing sports: volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, softball, tennis, soccer, dance, etc. You name it--I pretty much played it. I was by no means a professional at any of them, but I loved sports. They were (still are) a big a part of my life. But I never played them because I loved to run. I played them because I loved the sport itself. I was running to play the sport, not playing the sport to run. So, when my future sister in law, Kim, introduced me to Bikram Yoga I was ecstatic. It sounded very difficult (which I like when it comes to exercise) but also calming and healing. I have already lost a couple of pounds (the average woman loses 800-,1000 calories a class), I am more flexible (I can touch my toes! I could never do that) and it has helped me with my anxiety and negative feelings during this stressful time of wedding planning. I love the way I feel after class. Some days are better than others, just like everything in life, but I am so excited to become better and stretch myself (no pun intended) to a more healthy, fit self!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Since google reader is going sayonara (explanation: goodbye) I wanted to ask of you (beg? plead? inform?) to click on that little button below to follow my bog with bloglovin. I hate change. I really do. But this is a necessary one in order for me to continue writing. Ya dig? So, go ahead, click on it. Follow on Blog Lovin. Come on, everyone's doing it,

Side note: if it's any consolation, I transferred all of my list to bloglovin already so I am following all of you on there too. So really, this is a fair offer if you think about it.

K that's all. HAPPY WEEKEND. I have been on drugs for the past 14 hours after a lovely procedure (woman's fun). So, ya know, I guess you could say it's been a good weekend thus far. Except the fact that I have ZERO tolerance to pain medication. all I can do when they are in my body is sleep.
So, yea, I've slept a lot this weekend.

Anyway, I'm rambling.
Click away and follow on this ever changing new blog website, my fair maidens.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

LINK UP Bachelorette Thoughts: Desiree's Season {Episode 4}

Random first thoughts begins now:

Whoa Brad came out of nowhere. I have always thought he was hot.
Yikes...awkward dinner conversation. He's killin me!
Hahahahahaha Brooks face when he was told he was participating in a Miss American pageant.
All those guys are questioning this gay guy....haha.
Best tweet on the tv: "For the talent portion Brooks is going to deep condition his hair..." Haha that was a good one.
Good answer Kasey!
Good answer Zak W!
Hahaha Brooks: Lion. King of the Jungle. Perfect.
Oh Mikey. You are absolutely killing me. Big tough guy trying to be sensitie and smart. It kills me. He is such a typical jock.
Kasey's tapping. Prime.
Brooks may talk gay but holy crap he is so freaking funny.
That takes some serious balls to walk out on stage in heels.
BRYDEN!!!!!!! Oh my gosh! Shy Bryden! Pelvic thrusting. Oh my goodness.
Awww Zac W's song. He is not cute and looks super old but I am actually starting to kinda like him.
Kasey is kinda growing on me too.
It makes me question Ben when Bryden says he hates him. Bryden seems like a nice maybe that means something.
Sensitive James. Still not sure how I feel about him. I love that he loved this Red Cross date though.
Am I a terrible person for being bored during James and Des's date? I mean, yes, this breaks my heart. I can't imagine being there but I feel like they are trying too hard. I feel like they are pushing the Red Cross stuff on us too much.
Oh that random date for those people...who would've guessed.
 But that man tearing up did get to me.
Maybe I'm just heartless.
I think James might be her perfect guy. He is beefy and muscle-y btu a huge softie too. But at the same time he is very outgoing. I feel like that is exactly her type.
Awww these two at dinner are so sweet!!!
Awww I love how he just leaned in and kissed her!!!!! She likes him and he likes her a lot.
Rough go that James cheated. She didn't seem too bugged when he told he cheated though. She must really like him! Haha.
K enough with the old couple. it was sweet at first, but now they are beating a dead horse. (wrong metaphor for this moment?)
DARIUS RUCKER. I love him!! I have seen him live and he is so good.
he is such a big teddy bear! Oh my goodness!
Hahaha the Acrostic poem by Michael. Oh my gosh. She hates this. So incredibly cheesy.
Oh this whole BFF thing. Weird.
You can totally tell who she likes and who she isn't super into. She puts her heart on her sleeve.

Monday, June 17, 2013