Sierra's View: LINK UP Bachelorette Thoughts: Desiree's Season {Episode 1: Season Premiere}

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

LINK UP Bachelorette Thoughts: Desiree's Season {Episode 1: Season Premiere}

Well friends, the Bachelorette is back!! Is it pathetic how excited I am for this? Yes, yes it is. I know. But I am thrilled to have Desiree be the new Bachelorette. She’s cute. Fun. Ya know, the works. The only requirements for being bachelorette after all are: 1. Being pretty 2. Being nice and 3. Hot body. So she fits.
No, but seriously, I really like Des.

And is it also pathetic that my girlfriends and I have made a bracket? Yes, yes it is. But, it’s fine, cause I’m gonna win. We are competitive over here, people. f you want to join this bracket, let me know. I can send you it J

Since the Bachelorette is up and running, I have to document all my thoughts and jokes. I can’t help but laugh at this show. Yes, I make fun of it, but I also love it. Like, a lot. And I want you Bachelor/Bachelorette lovers to join the party!
Here’s the game plan:

I have decided to make this a button only link up party!
 I know so many people watch this show (I know you do!)
 So let's all get in on the drama, eh?
Here are the rules: 

1. Follow Oh, Just Living the Dream. 
2. Put the Bachelorette button somewhere in your post and link it back to mine! Easy enough, eh?
3. Leave a comment telling me that you linked up!!!! 


 Well, here are my unedited, first thoughts on some of the me. I am very disappointed in the choice of men that are on this season. I don't feel connected to any of them right now. And apparently Des likes really muscular, beefy men since ALL OF THEM ARE THAT WAY: 

He's pretty. But like, too pretty. His story seems too good to be true. Alcholic father, etc. etc. We get it. You're hot. You've had a hard life. Got it. You're still hot. He's a sweetie though.

He looks like Shaggy off of Scooby Doo.
I don't love him, but I like him right now. I'm pretty sure he goes far too. 

He's boring. But seems nice. And he is the best looking, in my opinion. I feel like he is super under rated in his looks. 

Needs braces. and a new haircut. Dumb and dumber again? IS IT LLOYD?! Seems like a nice enough guy. 

Black guy won't win but I like him!!! Mr. Enthusiastic! He won't win, but I kinda like him.

Zak W.
Without a C, so he's definitely an individual, ya know? Unlike Bryden, he has great teeth. He's a wilderness guy, I guess. And no shirt? Seriously. How much of a tool would you like to be right now?

Whoa. Is he 12? And hello, Eyebrows. How are you? He's alike a cute nerd. Super chill, fun,. I don't know. I kinda like him.

Dental Student who likes like a rapist. And yes, he would be hotter if he had a British accent. He is correct.


Adrenaline junkie. He's a wakeboarder. That's cool. Except he seems way too cool. Too cool, bro. For anything. Blah. But I like him!!!

Underbite, Dan. I like him! Beverage Sales Director.

I like him, but he almost seems a little too good to be true. 

Right now, here are my top 4:

I have others thoughts but I just got back from Bikram yoga and I'm in a state of euphoria. More on that later. I love it!!!!


  1. Yeah, some of these guys seem like goobers, I'm not going to lie. I don't think I was super thrilled with ANY of them this time, sadly :P

  2. love the recap. I'm so sad I missed it, I need to watch it on hulu or something.


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