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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

He Put a Ring On It.

Yes, I have had multiple people asking me about this story for a week and a half now. 
And yes, I am just now getting around to this post. 
I have been incredibly busy with oh, ya know, graduating from college, job interviews and trying to find a job (I could spend a whole post on this!), family being in town, spending time with Tanner, my fianc√© (so weird to say that! Weird, but good), etc. So, kind of a little busy, exhausted, stressed, and emotional....
A lot of huge changes are happening in my life and I'm sort of just trying to hold on tight. I'm feeling a mixture of many emotions: fear, anxiety, happiness, joy, stress, exhaustion, euphoria, etc. It changes hourly, I think. Haha. 
It's an incredibly exciting time of life; in fact some of the most exciting things that have happened in my life are occurring, but my goodness, it's a lot to take in! 
Even though all of these are good things that are happening in my life, they are just very BIG things and I'm trying my hardest to adjust. 
But, alas, once again, I have learned that change is the only constant in this life. 

Okay, now to the good, happy part!!!

The Proposal: 

Last Monday Tanner texted me and told me to keep Friday night open because he won a free gift card to a restaurant in Midway. I didn't think anything of it--I had a few parties and little things going on, but I thought that a night out with him sounded like much more fun.  
On Friday, when he came to pick me up, I was exhausted. I had had a long day of school and had found out that a lot of the teaching jobs that I had interviewed for had been filled by other people. I was kind of discouraged, but I was trying my best to think positive thoughts.  We sat on the couch for a little bit, completely horrified yet quite amused by the happenings of the Boston Bombings. They thought they had fun the second bomber, and he was hiding in a boat. (This is important. You'll need to know this haha). I was slowly taking my time to get ready, and little did I know that Tanner was trying to get me out of the house. I could tell he was kind of in a hurry so I asked, "Oh? Do we have reservations?" His response was, "Yea so we gotta go!' I hurried and got ready as soon as possible.
Yet, I have to admit I was a little suspicious. It was in back of my mind. (I mean, we are talking the the way way way back, but you know, it was there). The reason why I thought this was because my roommate, Allie, came back to my room and was looking at shoes for me to wear and then offered to do my hair and was acting kind of...strange (Love ya Al!) That's when I had the idea that something was up. I didn't really think he was going to propose because we had talked about when he was going to do it a few days beforehand, but I had a feeling something was up.
 Side Story: In the week before he proposed, he told me that he wasn't sure if he'd had the money to buy the ring in time, so I may have to just wear a fake one until the wedding or something. In fact, I felt so bad and nervous about us getting married that just a few days before he proposed, I had a complete breakdown session (poor guy has been experiencing a lot of those!) explaining that we should wait to get married because he's broke and he just got back from his mission....blah blah blah. Poor guy had already been planning on proposing later that week. Haha. Of course I was clueless.
Anyway, I dismissed the idea. We got in the car and were driving through the canyon, just talking nonchalantly. I didn't notice Tanner acting weird at all to be honest. He seemed fairly in control now looking back. Then, out of the blue, he says to me, "Hey, you wanna go fishing?" I stopped for a moment, looked outside at the 45 degree, cloudy, windy day and said, "uhhh what?" He laughs and says, "I know how bad you have wanted to go fishing! Our reservation isnt til 8:30. I wanted to get you out of the house so we would have time to fish. I know how bad you have wanted to do something fun and spontaneous. Come on! It'll be fun." (I am still laughing and in shock; haven't responded yet! Not knowing what to be honest I was really hungry. hahaha).
Without my response, he continues, "I know that you are in nice clothes, but the reason I told you to dress up was because we are going to a nice restaurant after and I knew you would be mad if you went to a restaurant in fishing clothes! (he knows me so well). I brought everything we will need:  blankets, fishing poles, umbrella, etc. I'm prepared babe!"
I had another feeling this time. In my head, I literally thought, "Oh my gosh what if he is proposing right now?!" I quickly dismissed that thought again because I didn't want to set my hopes up for it and then have him not do it that night. Plus, we had talked about him not proposing til much later .
We get out at Deer Creek State Park by the Lake. I am FREEZING, but I am trying to stay positive and happy and be spontaneous like I said I wanted to. The guy seemed like he had gone to so much work to make me happy, and I appreciated that, so I was going to have fun amidst the frigid weather!
We get out of the car and there is a parked boat right next to us (remember when I told you to remember the bomber in the boat?) I look at Tanner and I said, "Tanner! There is someone in that boat! I just saw something move in that boat!" He looks over and says, "Oh, Sierra, you're just being paranoid because of the bombers."
"Yea, you're probably right," I responded. Still very uneasy though; I was convinced there was something or someone in that boat!
We get on the sand by the water, Tanner is setting up the blanket and getting everything ready. I decided to practice my casting skills (which are very poor by the way). I'm looking out at the lake, in my pearls and polka dot sweatshirt, just doing my own thing, when I turn to pick up something for the fishing pole, and Tanner grabs the ring out of the tackle box and is on one knee!!!!
I was stunned. I had some idea, but I truly didn't think he was going to propose so I was in complete awe. The boy waited maybe 5 minutes to do it! He was on it. (He tells me it's because it was incredibly freezing so he didn't want to sit there and stir over it!) I am standing there as he says the sweetest words (between him and i :))  and asks me to marry him. I begin getting teary eyed. Not bawling, but definitely teary eyed. I needed to process all of this! I was so shocked. Even though it was in the back of my head, I was not waiting for him to propose; hence the complete shock! It I was so stunned that it took me about a minute to answer. I realized that I hadn't said, "yes!"
(I did, by the way.)
I said yes about 6 times. And hugged and kissed him.
And blah blah blah. Some more cheesy stuff.
It was perfect.
He had meticulously planned the whole thing so that it would be a complete surprise.
And goodness, it sure was!
It meant so much that he went to so much work to make sure every detail was perfect and that I would be surprised--and that he did it somewhere where he knew I would love.
See, I have had this dream of being proposed to on a beach. It used to be a gazebo on a beach, but I changed it just to a beach (I realized that I had to be somewhat realistic about it!) and that I wanted a secret photographer. Tanner explained to me that after he proposed that he chose this location because it was the closest thing he could find to a beach in Utah. (Could you die? So sweet!!!). After we spent a few moments alone, I turned around and found those sneaky photographers! Kim and Cortni, Tanner's sister and cousin were taking pictures (Thank you again, girls! I will treasure these photos). And it was Cortni over by the boat (ah ha! Told you I am not crazy!).
It was a wonderful moment.
It was the moment that I realized that I wanted to be with him forever.
I realized how much I loved him.
I realized how much we both had been through to get to this point.

Kaydie Jo, Tanner's 7 year old sister was waiting for us back at the house and Tanner said she couldn't wait to see me, so we headed over there. She jumped in my arms and said, "I can't wait for you to be my sister!!!"

PS--the restaurant that Tanner was planning on taking me to was made up. Yep, he made up a restaurant. And a reservation time to get me out the door before dark. haha.  Awesome. Don't worry, he fed me after nonetheless :)
Ps--apparently he did have the money for the ring, eh? Don't worry, he's just broke now :) haha.

Tanner, I love you!
Can't wait to spend, literally ;), forever with you :)

Of course. It was freezing outside!!!

I found the secret photographers! 

Not the best picture of my ring, but you get the idea. It's rose gold :)

I seriously cannot believe that it's real: that there is a ring on my finger, that I am getting married on July 27th, and that I am marrying an incredible man. (In fact, probably the most patient man I know! Shocking, huh?)  
He is wonderful. Seriously wonderful. And I cannot wait to be with him forever.

You can see my colors here.



  1. cuties! love these photos and your sweet engagement story! CONGRATULATIONS LADY!

  2. Oh my goodness...swoon! So stinking cute! Congratulations! And your ring is gorgeous! Plus your fiance is super cute and I love how excited he looks! You guys look so darn sweet together!


  3. Oh my goodness...swoon! So stinking cute! Congratulations! And your ring is gorgeous! Plus your fiance is super cute and I love how excited he looks! You guys look so darn sweet together!


  4. cute. cute. cute.
    congrats lady!


  5. Sooo sweet :) I'm so happy for you!

  6. I think we might be in the exact same boat... job searching, wedding planning, house hunting, packing up and moving and still doing our job. Busy and wonderful time! Congrats!

  7. LOVE this!!!!! I love how impatient and emotional we can be when it's time to get engaged. I was reading through my story again last night and laughing at myself because I was so dumb!


  8. I don't even know you and I love this! Married life really is the best!! PS if you need a wedding florist, call me!! :)

  9. Congrats!! Sounds like an engagement that was perfect for you. And good luck wedding planning. I think it's the worst!

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  15. CONGRATS!!!!! As you know, this is adorable!!!! Plus it's a fantastic story :)

  16. Congratulations! I hear that July 27th is a good day to get married ;) Great minds must think alike.

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  19. Sisi what a great proposal!!! I hadn't heard the whole story and I loved reading it! The photos are so wonderful too! I have some as well but I had played two games in the rain and flown home...not as adorable as you! ha I can't wait to see you all married and happy! Marriage is seriously the best part of life.


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