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Sunday, April 14, 2013

That One Time I Met the Boston Celtics.

Many weeks ago (yes, like all the way back in February!--told you I am so behind!) I had the awesome opportunity to go to the Jazz/Celtics game. My uncle was kind enough to spoil my brother and I with 5th row seats behind the Celtics. Yes, I am not from Utah. So no, I am not a Jazz fan. And yes, I am a huge Celtics fan. (Gotta support the fam!) 
It was such a close game (unfortunately & fortunately!) and my boys pulled it off.
It was fun to see family, too.
I had the opportunity to sit next to a boy named Scottie who is going through a lot physically. He, actually, is going to be the voice of NBA Cares next year. He had so much personality and truly loves basketball. 
But, I have to say, to top it all off, one of my dreams came true!! I met many of the players of the Boston Celtics. The quality of these pictures aren't awesome. But it was fun to chat with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. Not many people can say that's happened before, eh? 
I can die happy now. 

With Scottie at the game! Look at Landon yelling. Haha. 

With Scottie and Paul Pierce.

With the brudda--5th row! 

Not the best quality. 

Haha I caught Pierce's sweaty headband after the game. there was a 9 year old sitting behind me who was dying to have it, so I gave it to him. not something I really care about. That was my good duty for the day. Ha

With Kevin Garnett. Look at how huge he is! I felt like a 5 year old child next to him.
Side note: He told me to get on the plane. Uhhhhh....I'm good, thanks.
Yes, he is as crazy as he seems. Ha. 

Such a fun experience!
Love my basketball. 


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