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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spiritually Fed and a Giveaway!

This past weekend, I was able to attend General Conference for my church.
Growing up I always watched (er, fell asleep) General Conference from my home in Oregon--always dreaming of being able to sit in the Conference Center in downtown Salt Lake. Since living in Utah, I have had the opportunity to go many times and it's such a wonderful experience! 
General Conference is where all the leaders (apostles and prophets) speak to the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We all gather together every six months to "reignite" our testimonies, if you will. 
I love General Conference. I love the strength, light, and power that these men and women possess. 
I love that I can remind myself of how much the Lord loves me every six months.
I am grateful that I have this church to make me not only a better person, but to strive to bless others as well. 
It was such a neat experience to go and sit with Tanner too. Isn't he cute? :)

A few favorite quotes/highlights from this weekend: 

"As you reach our your arms to others, He will reach out and draw near to you."
"We are under covenant to life up those in need."
"There are some things that must be left to the Lord."

"God promises to show us the way out of darkness."

"Healing comes when you walk out of the darkness and into the hope of a brighter light."
"Successful couples love each other with complete devotion."
"Obedience brings strength and knowledge."
"Exert your own strength first."
"Successful couples love each other with complete devotion."
"Obedience brings strength and knowledge."
"Exert your own strength first."
"Stand strong until additional knowledge comes."
"Be kind regarding human frailty."
"Following Jesus Christ is not a casual commitment."
"Much of our redemptive work on Earth is to help others achieve their just hopes and desires."
"Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning."
"Start with the faith that you do have and then go from there."

Please take a moment to watch or listen to these talks! They are so awesome. 


Also, some fellow bloggers and I are doing a giveaway over at Amberly's blog! 
We are giving away marriage/relationship gifts!!! I know you all know about that :)
Come check it out and spread the word. 


  1. Want to know something sad and slightly pathetic? I've lived in Utah my entire life and never been to conference at the conference center! :(

  2. What an awesome giveaway!!!! And those photos of you and Tanner are just adorable.

  3. Oh, and to answer the question, I think the best piece of marriage advice I have received, was don't fight when you're tired. People always say, "Never go to bed angry." But I think that's ridiculous. If you're tired, emotional, and irritated, you are never going to make progress with your argument. Go to bed, get some rest, and revisit it in the morning with a fresh mind. It has always helped us.


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