Sierra's View: LINK UP Bachelor Thoughts: Sean's Season {Episode 10: Season Finale}

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

LINK UP Bachelor Thoughts: Sean's Season {Episode 10: Season Finale}

Good News, Friends!!! 
I have decided to make this a button only link up party!
 I have been reading SO many Bachelor posts and I thought--Hey! Why not? Let's all get in on the drama, eh?
Here are the rules: 

1. Follow Oh, Just Living the Dream. 
2. Put the Bachelor button at the end of your post and somewhere in your blog link it back to mine! Easy enough, eh?
3. Leave a comment telling me that you linked up!!!! 

Oh, yea.

I love Catherine's response to his sister's question. So honest and real. 

Okay, stop. His niece and nephew are fuh-reaking adorable.

His mom is so skeptical. Holy cow. Mama Bear is coming in right now.
But she gave the approval! Yay.

I love Catherine. I do. I just don't see Sean with her. I don't see Lindsay with him, either though. So, really, Sean sucks. Haha. 

K, Sean's dad is perfect. Can he be my father in law?
Catherine is about to lose it--that is exactly what she needed to hear. Especially since she doesn't have a father. So huge.

Sean's dad looks weird in those designer jeans. Haha. Not gonna fly on an old man. 

"I missed you!" Blah blah blah. You say it everyone.

Cute, dress, Lindsay!

LINDSAY STOP TALKING. Ugh, the second I saw her I just wanted to smack her. 
I have said this before, but she is so ditzy. 

Sean's dad made both girls cry. Now I know where Sean's shmoozing came from. 

Lindsay is such a sweet girl, but I just...I don't know. I can't love her. I just can't.

Good advice from Mama Bear. I agree. If he doesn't know 100% who he wants to marry, he shouldn't propose. She's right. 

Ugh, I hate guys in tanks. Especially in that blue color. Haha. Sooooo gay.

Holy crap, Lindsay is tiny. And she forgot to put clothes on.
...So did Sean.

This date is painfully boring. Holy crap. She just seems immature and needy and clingy and ditzy. They just seem very physically attracted to one another. I don't feel a ton of depth. 

They're gonna make out now. Cause that's all they do. 

"There's more to this girl than I thought!"-Sean
Wrong. So wrong, Sean.

This is sooooo boring. And horribly painful. 

Riding an elephant? Are you kidding? I want to do that!!! Catherine got a much better date. Ha.

Ugh, the towel shot. With no shirt. Think that will ever get old?

Catherine and Lindsay are wearing the same dress but gold and silver. Ha.

I think he's going to pick Catherine. That's my guess.

This is so scripted. You can tell Jackie, Sarah, Lesley and and Ashlee have their things practiced. Ughhhh.

Was it me? Oh, my heart. So heartbreaking.
I love that she took her shoes off. Sean, stop talking. Just let her go.

"I am so addicted to you!"-Catherine. Haha

Ummmmm this is perfect.

I am so happy!!!!!! Sean used his brain!!!!


  1. I Loved how they set up the letter to look like something bad, right after he sent the first girl home and right before commercial. Plus Chris' comments made it so much better!

  2. Well, it looks like I'm going to have to start watching the bachelor! Haha. I love your blog!


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