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Monday, March 25, 2013

Tanner's Home! {Video}

Here is a video I made for Tanner for his mission.
I'm so proud of his hard work.
I'm even happier he's home ;)
I may or may not have been up all hours of the night making this. 
I couldn't sleep. He was laying on my lap.
I just couldn't  get up, ya know?
It was one of those "picturesque" moments.
It's the little moments in life that make me cry, I have learned.
Last night was one of them.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

I am, Like, So MIA....

I know I have been a terrible blogger the past week and a half. 
Life is a little crazy right now. 
Crazy good, that is.
I am a little bit on cloud nine right now.
Just bear with me as I learn how to balance EVERYTHING THAT IS HAPPENING. 
K? K thanks. 
And, now, for fun... here are some pictures. 
Because we all love pictures.

Tanner's mini mie.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

LINK UP Bachelor Thoughts: Sean's Season {Episode 10: Season Finale}

Good News, Friends!!! 
I have decided to make this a button only link up party!
 I have been reading SO many Bachelor posts and I thought--Hey! Why not? Let's all get in on the drama, eh?
Here are the rules: 

1. Follow Oh, Just Living the Dream. 
2. Put the Bachelor button at the end of your post and somewhere in your blog link it back to mine! Easy enough, eh?
3. Leave a comment telling me that you linked up!!!! 

Oh, yea.

I love Catherine's response to his sister's question. So honest and real. 

Okay, stop. His niece and nephew are fuh-reaking adorable.

His mom is so skeptical. Holy cow. Mama Bear is coming in right now.
But she gave the approval! Yay.

I love Catherine. I do. I just don't see Sean with her. I don't see Lindsay with him, either though. So, really, Sean sucks. Haha. 

K, Sean's dad is perfect. Can he be my father in law?
Catherine is about to lose it--that is exactly what she needed to hear. Especially since she doesn't have a father. So huge.

Sean's dad looks weird in those designer jeans. Haha. Not gonna fly on an old man. 

"I missed you!" Blah blah blah. You say it everyone.

Cute, dress, Lindsay!

LINDSAY STOP TALKING. Ugh, the second I saw her I just wanted to smack her. 
I have said this before, but she is so ditzy. 

Sean's dad made both girls cry. Now I know where Sean's shmoozing came from. 

Lindsay is such a sweet girl, but I just...I don't know. I can't love her. I just can't.

Good advice from Mama Bear. I agree. If he doesn't know 100% who he wants to marry, he shouldn't propose. She's right. 

Ugh, I hate guys in tanks. Especially in that blue color. Haha. Sooooo gay.

Holy crap, Lindsay is tiny. And she forgot to put clothes on.
...So did Sean.

This date is painfully boring. Holy crap. She just seems immature and needy and clingy and ditzy. They just seem very physically attracted to one another. I don't feel a ton of depth. 

They're gonna make out now. Cause that's all they do. 

"There's more to this girl than I thought!"-Sean
Wrong. So wrong, Sean.

This is sooooo boring. And horribly painful. 

Riding an elephant? Are you kidding? I want to do that!!! Catherine got a much better date. Ha.

Ugh, the towel shot. With no shirt. Think that will ever get old?

Catherine and Lindsay are wearing the same dress but gold and silver. Ha.

I think he's going to pick Catherine. That's my guess.

This is so scripted. You can tell Jackie, Sarah, Lesley and and Ashlee have their things practiced. Ughhhh.

Was it me? Oh, my heart. So heartbreaking.
I love that she took her shoes off. Sean, stop talking. Just let her go.

"I am so addicted to you!"-Catherine. Haha

Ummmmm this is perfect.

I am so happy!!!!!! Sean used his brain!!!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

He's Home!!!!

So nervous!

little cutie!

Best hug ever.

So precious.


So excited to wear normal clothes again! Haha

As many of you know, I said goodbye to a missionary for my church two years ago. On thursday, he came home. I was so incredibly nervous for Tanner to come home. During that day, I couldn't breathe.
No, seriously. I literally couldn't breathe. I think it's because I was so overwhelmed with a plethora of emotions. I was so excited, happy, nervous, worried, scared for him to come home. I had developed this life over the past two years, and I honestly was worried that I couldn't fit him into my life. I was scared that I wasn't going to feel anything for this man that I had been writing and dreaming about for two years (or vice versa!). 
The second that he walked down that escalator in the airport, I started bawling. It was a huge sense of relief. Everything that I had been worrying about, all the feelings I was scared about disappearing came flooding back. He was home! And I was (still am!) so happy.
I'm sorry if this is horribly cheesy. I'm sort of cloud nine right now.
I haven't slept in two days because so many conversations and experiences have been swarming me with this guy.
He's home and I couldn't be happier.
I'm a lucky girl :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Name is Sierra and I Like to Party.

10 points to you if you know this movie.

February and March has (apparently) been the month of missionary farewell parties, birthday parties, holiday parties, etc. It's been really fun.

And that's all I'm going to say because I'm tired and I want to go to bed.
(You thought I was going to continue, didn't you?)
It's fine. My 4th graders writing skills are becoming apparent in my own life. Uh oh. 

Let's be honest, you just wanna see pictures anyway, right?

My life is fun.
k. bye. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

LINK UP Bachelor Thoughts: Sean's Season {Episode 9: Women Tell All}

Good News, Friends!!! 
I have decided to make this a button only link up party!
 I have been reading SO many Bachelor posts and I thought--Hey! Why not? Let's all get in on the drama, eh?
Here are the rules: 

1. Follow Oh, Just Living the Dream. 
2. Put the Bachelor button at the end of your post and somewhere in your blog link it back to mine! Easy enough, eh?
3. Leave a comment telling me that you linked up!!!! 

Oh, yea. 

--Tierra's Interview--

This is so fake--with the set up of Tierra coming out and stuff. Blah blah blah.
It sounds like Tierra really was that bad though, they are all sitting here bashing her.

What was with the random backstage scene? That was awkward. And this horrible silence. Yikes.

The live audience is even fake. Ugh.

"It is difficult for me because I light up in a room...When I walk into a room, I bring this joy...."-Tierra bahahahahaha

Tierra. Shut up. Everything that comes out of your mouth is fake and manipulative. Even in this live interview. I seriously think she cannot even be honest or real, even in this circumstance. She is a master manipulator.

I told myself: "Put your blinders on and focus on the prize." --
Two things wrong with this quote.
1. A prize. She thought she Sean was a prize. That's the issue.
2. That's fine if you want to focus on Sean, but you need to at least be somewhat cordial with the other girls. You need to know going on this show that you have to be at least kind to the other girls; you don't have to be their best friends, but you still need to be a somewhat nice person.

Tierra is not helping herself. At all.
She cannot even apologize. Wow.

She may not have said anything to Sean, but she definitely said things to the girls faces---whether or not that's better than speaking behind eachother's back, it was still unkind.

Yes, Tierra really was that bad. She was not the victim of a conspiracy. Oh my goodness.

These "pre-shots" are awkward and unnecessary.

"You are delusional."-Robyn.

Ugh, Tierra is such a victim. Stop playing the victim card.
She can't even admit that she did one thing wrong. Not one thing. She can't even admit that she's at fault at all. She isn't even making sense! 

There ya go, that was kind of an apology. And then she stopped. So close, Tierra. So close.

Of course you were Little Miss Nevada, Tierra. Of course you were.

--Sarah's Interview--

I feel like they are making Sarah to be "America's Favorite"; that it was so sad to see her go, but I was not even upset when she left. I knew that her and Sean were not compataible from the beginning. It was sad to see her response, but it's not like I was devastated. I was much more sad when Desiree left.
Uh, I think Desiree has touched America's heart MUCH more then Sarah. Much more. I'm confused why they are playing her up so much?
I'm gonna say it: It's just cause of her arm. Come on--we know it's true. She's adorable and sweet, but I was not in love with her. At all.
Don't get me wrong, I thought she was adorable and sweet and awesome, but I had zero connection with her. I thought she was really boring and self conscious. 

She's still crying. She's still not over him. Sad :(

I feel like she should not be this upset over going home. It's the nature of the show and she wasn't even in one of the top, ya know? Like I understand being bummed and a little embarrassed, but she is like devastated, when other girls should probably be way more upset than her.

Like she can't get over it. It's not personal; Sarah, he didn't send home because you're not funny, great, or nice...he just didn't see you being his wife. Simple as that. 

--Desiree's Interview--

I love how articulate she is. 

I wish she was more open about her brother and able to express what really happened. 

Other than that, I just love watching her hilarious facial expressions. 
...Sean's an idiot. 

---Ashlee's Interview---

Holy cow, Ashlee's dress on the first night was incredible. 

Yes, Ashlee, we know you fell in love. You have expressed that many times. 

It sounds like she still pissed with him. I think she still does have feelings for him. 

Of course he's gonna be a frat boy, he has 25 women fighting for him. What do you expect? What do girls really expect by coming onto this show? That he really is only saying to them? You have to know that he genuinely has feelings for other girls. 

--Sean's Interview--

He's such a shmoozer. Stop being so like friendly and fake, Sean. Just talk. 

At least he's being honest. That is a brutal response for Sean, but it's true. She was so dramatic and too serious for Sean. I have said it before.

She wanted him to check on her? Oh my lanta. She is so needy.
He's like: "yea, I made the right choice," during this interview. Haha. 

Did Sean really say that?!?!?! He did not know what to say in that moment. So incredibly awkward. I think Ashlee totally called him out. He was shocked. He was totally panicking. He had to have said that to Ashlee, that he didn't have feelings for other girls.... 
He totally said it. I actually believe Ashlee on this could tell by the look at his eyes.
He really is an idiot.

I'm liking Sean less and less through this episode.

Oh, awkward, he's engaged and he's still totally flirting with Des...

Again, Sean is an idiot. Haha. 

please choose Catherine, please choose Catherine, please choose Catherine.
Lindsay is just annoying and childish.
Catherine is crazy, but you can tell that she has real depth. 
Let's hope Sean uses his brain today.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy Sunday

I took these photos a couple of weeks ago on a beautiful (cold) Sunday winter afternoon.
Amidst the freezing wind and wintery weather (three points for alliteration), the sun was shining and it was a clear blue sky.
Although the LDS Provo Temple is known to be not the "prettiest" temple, it was quite a site against the majestic snowy mountains.

Haven't put my name on these photos so don't steal, please :)

I am currently watching the CES Broadcast {this is where the leaders of the church speak to all the young adults} curled up in a blanket on this rainy Sunday afternoon.
This weather reminds me of home.
It's been a wonderful Sunday.
I am so grateful for the strength that the Savior has given me through some of the most difficult months of my life in the past year.
I love Sundays :)

Here are some amazing quotes from the broadcast from Elder Bednar:

"I have learned that not shrinking is more important than surviving."

"It is through sorrow and suffering that we gain the education that we came here to acquire. "

"The Savior did not shrink in Gethsamene."

"Do you have the faith to not be healed?"

"Please give me the faith to understand and believe whatever outcome thou has for me." 

"Do I really believe that Christ calmed the waters? Or is it just a nice story to read about? The answer is, I do believe. And because I knew that he calmed the waters, I instantly knew that He could heal me."
"I had to believe that He could heal me--and whether or not that happened, I knew and understood that He had the power the create miracles; that it is in fact in His hands."

To watch this wonderful broadcast click here.

Also, I sang in a devotional a while back. Apparently people saw me on the prelude and it brought back so many wonderful memories of singing with my choir!