Sierra's View: Bachelor Thoughts: Sean's Season {Episode 5}

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bachelor Thoughts: Sean's Season {Episode 5}

Episode 1
Lindsey is growing on me! Her voice, however, is not.

Oh my goodness, these girls are retarded. Learn how to row a boat.

THAT'S MY GIRL DESIREE!!!! Drink that goat milk.

"He's not gonna wanna kiss that mouth now. Goat pee mouth...mmmmm...."-Phil

Tierra. Go away. Fuh-reak!!!!! She is literally cray cray.

Sean just said he is crazy about Ashlee! Holy crap. They are coming out of nowhere.

Jackie is so much prettier than Tierra. Tierra's dent is buggin'. Hard core.
But she needs to be way more aggressive.

Well, no wonder Tierra is cray cray. She dated a drug addict...for five years. She continued to be with him. Yiiiikes.

The problem is that Jackie is really boring. She doesn't have much of a backbone. She's beautiful, but Sean wants more personality. Hence the fact that Tierra is still around. That and she's hot and he wants to do naughty things with her.

Eh, I'm so over writing this episode...

Episode 2 (Two episodes in one week! ahhh!!!)
I don't know if I would jump in a glacier lake. Uh.....and I'm pretty spontaneous.

Oh my goodness, Sarah's response to Sean breaking up with her just breaks my heart. She is so kind. But at least he was honest with her and sent her home right away. Props, Sean. But holy crap...this is so awkward. Poor girl.
Ahhh this is breaking my heart. I didn't even really like Sarah, but this whole thing is so sad! I feel bad for Sarah. The girl has probably struggled with this her whole life; talk about a shatter to her confidence.

Sean: "You okay?" to Sarah.

Date with Des! Yes yes yes! My fav girl.
I just love how natural Sean and Desiree are together. It seems more...real... I can't explain it.

Ope, there is the relationship correlating with the hard task date...blah blah blah. NEVER HEARD THIS BEFORE ON THE BACHELOR. No, your relationship with Sean is nothing like that rock climbing backwards. Unless you mean the fact that you are falling in love with a guy that you don't even know and your dates are completely unrealistic. That's what you mean, right, des?
Okay...Sorry. Des, you know I love ya.
(but you know what I mean?)

Okay, marry each other now Desiree and Sean. K?
"It's impossible not to have a good time with you." BOOM.
Okay, Desiree, time to be vulnerable for 2 seconds though, yea?
Ope, she lived in a tent. Okay, there's the honesty. Wooo that'll do it....

It's fine. I'm braintyping all of these girls.

Ya know, for not being able to kiss him, Selma sure shows all of her body (boobs) to the world. Hmmm....
"Mama...please forgive me.... for showing my breasts in every single outfit that I wear...don't worry though the kiss was WEAK AND WE BARELY TOUCHED LIPS. So it's fine. I'm a good girl, mama..." --Selma's unedited version.

Oh my lanta Lindsay is a freaking tease. No, nooooo don't kiss me. KISS ME.

Ashlee is so classy. I feel like she is too mature and good for him though. Is that just me?

Okay, I'm gonna be a hopeless romantic right now...but that blindfold scene and kiss with Ashlee was so perfect. Wow.

Tierra?! Over Selma! WHAT. You're an idiot, Sean.
Eh, whatever. I'm over it. Ha.
I didn't like Selma or Daniella anyway. So it's all good.

"That was extremely difficult for me"-Sean. Uh huh, I'm sure. As you say it to 6 other gorgeous women. 

Episode 4
Episode 3


  1. Ok, Ashlee is growing on me! But I still love Des! Sean is trying to kill them all...oh well? The craziness of this season the charts. REALLY, they have to get hypothermia to win a date with some cute (but seriously not dashing) guy who seems to kiss every single girl with as much tongue (sorry, just being honest) as he can get. Love the show...I suppose because I love to be critical about it!!! He should marry Des...but wait...she's too good for him.

  2. HA! I haven't been keeping up with him but I LOVE LOVE reading what you have to say about it because it's so hilarious.

  3. haha love this! too funny. i like des too! XO


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