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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

90 Years Later...

I give you: 
January Fun {Instagram Style}
I am completely aware that we are halfway through February and that I am just posting about my January life.
I am also aware that my life is painfully busy and I truly do not understand how you all find time to blog as much as you do.
So...I'm just gonna fill you in on life... Instagram style...right now.
Deal with it. 

Come follow me!!!! 

One: A very applicable quote.
Two: Caleb slept in my bed in Oregon! So weird. 
Three: Haircut time!
Four: I knew these girls in 1st grade and didn't even know it! Small world. 

Five: A little holiday craft in the classroom
Six: Sundance Film Festival 
Seven: A creative student?
Eight: Apparently I'm the cover of one of my student's that's neat. 

I really need to get out more, huh? 

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