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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday.

This week:
I have posted about the Oscars.
I have posted about The Bachelor.
I have a post about MEETING THE CELTICS (I bet you can hardly wait to read that...)
But, today, at this moment, I feel the need to share this with you all; something with substance.


PS: 10 points for alliteration for my title.

Oh, and I need to go watch some BYU basketball now. K bye. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

LINK UP Bachelor Thoughts: Sean's Season {Episode 8}

Good News, Friends!!! 
I have decided to make this a button only link up party!
 I have been reading SO many Bachelor posts and I thought--Hey! Why not? Let's all get in on the drama, eh?
Here are the rules: 

1. Follow Oh, Just Living the Dream. 
2. Put the Bachelor button at the end of your post and somewhere in your blog link it back to mine! Easy enough, eh?
3. Leave a comment telling me that you linked up!!!! 

Oh, yea. 

Overnight Dates. Totally inappropriate. And I am so not okay with it. But I love it. Here we go.

"I'm not thinking about a date...I'm thinking about _______"
Sierra: sex.
Sean: my future wife.
I'm right, you know it. He's closing his eyes while daydreaming on a hammock. These pondering shots are awkward 

In the intro, Sean explains that he sees "a home with kids running around" in every girl. Uhhh...

Lindsay's Date:

Nope. Cannot do Lindsay's voice. So annoying.

He cannot stop kissing Lindsay!!!!

"Normally, I would show you my bargaining skills, but...."
As sean pulls out a wad of cash that the show gave him.

"Oh my gosh! I just ate a bug. That's out of control."
Uhhhh not exactly out of control, honey. haha. You looked really out of control. CALM DOWN. I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE JUST ATE A BUG. SHE IS SO SPONTANEOUS (INSERT SARCASM).

She takes this "serious," guys. but she doesn't take grammar that "serious", clearly. IT'S SERIOUSLY.

Uh oh. Lindsay could be the winner, Ladies and gentlemen! He really likes her. And she reeeeally likes him.

Ashlee's Date: 

The stupid cave date...being vulnerable...letting go of control...blah blah blah. Ugh, these silly date metaphors. She sure seems very comfortable with falling in love with Sean very quickly. That seems like letting go control to me ;)

Why is Ashlee's voice so annoying too? What's wrong with all of these girls voices?

"What if he says, you're amazing, but you're not the one."
Honey, that is very likely. 

He treats Ashlee very different than he treats Lindsay. He isn't as lovey dovey with her. He doesn't seem near as excited to see her.

yep, I can't stand Ashlee.
I said it. I can't do it.

Aaaaand she just explained her ring to him. Exactly. She's a DIVA. hahahahaha.

Guys, it's okay, he's healed her. So she's fine now.

Catherine's Date
Yes, she's my favorite. I will say it. She is. She's the most real.

I love that she is willing to be open even though it is uncomfortable for her.

Sean asks really good questions...

That kiss in the rain? woooo hoooo HOT.

"I can tell you that I can see myself marrying you"-Sean
Uh, boy, I hope so. Haha.

Look at the way Sean is looking at Catherine! whaaaaattttt. Holy adorable.

"You know what my intentions are"-Sean

I wish there was a way to know if they did it in the fantasy suite. TMI?

Rose Ceremony
One thing that I love about Sean is that he knows how to verbally express his thoughts.

Catherine just said wiggles. ha.

Ashlee is going home. I can tell by the way he is watching that video. And she's crying...

blindsided count: 3.

Uh, Hi Ashlee's Breasts. How are you?

yep. knew it. Ashlee's gone.  I am actually kind of shocked that she's going home. Earlier in the season, I thought she may be the winner. But holy cow...home girl is a bi---not a nice woman. And I'm sorry, but her response just made it clear to me that she was supposed to go home. We saw her true colors. She is PISSED. And suuuuuch a diva. haha. Is it terrible that I don't really feel bad for her?

I cannot believe the final 2 are Catherine and Lindsay. I honestly could not have picked this. Never. Not in a million years!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Want to Talk about the OSCARS {Version 2.0}

Yes, again.
Version 1.0 HERE (2012)
I love the Academy Awards.
I do.
I have watched the Oscars every single year since I was about 9 (probably before). I think there is something so magical and classic about it. 
And every year, without fail, I dream about being able to wear a beautiful dress and participate in this event.
After I make my major motion picture, right? 

There weren't a ton of dresses that I liked this year. 
With that being said, there weren't very many dresses that I strongly disliked. 
So that's good, eh?
Forewarning: I am, by no means, a fashion expert. I love clothes, but, I am the type of person who goes to work without make 50% of the time, so if that gives you any indication, yea...
And can I just say, here's the reality: All of us have different fashions sense. So just because I think it's beautiful, doesn't mean you will. Let's just all keep that in mind and keep the peace :)
Here are my top 5 favorites dresses from The 85th Academy Awards. 

Kristen Stewart
Yep....I said it. Her hair was a huge struggle but I loved her dress. I know her face looked like she got ran over, and oddly enough, her teeth are really yellow, but I thought that her dress was really pretty. 

Jennifer Garner
I loved the color of her dress. The back of it was so fun. 

Jennifer Aniston
Such a classic, beautiful red. It is the ultimate "princess" dress. I thought she totally nailed it.
Homegirl needs to stand up straight though.

Jennifer Lawrence
(apparently Jennifer was the theme! Haha) 
Perfect. Just perfect.

Charlize Theron 
Okay, so at first, I didn't like her dress at all. In fact, I tweeted about it how much I didn't like it. But, as I continued to see more dresses, it really, really grew on me. But maybe it's the fact that she is absolutely stunning no matter what she wears; she could put on a sheet and it would look beautiful. 

(can you tell I have a style? Classic, classic, classic!)

Note: I liked Amy Adams dress but I feel like the color really washed her out. Same with Jessica Chastain's. 

Overview of the night:
  • Music in the movies theme? I'm so about that. 
  • Seth Mcfarlane was a hilarious host. 
  • The line about Rihanna and Chris Brown just about killed me. So perfect.
  • "The Boob" song. Prime. 
  • I love love loved the part when Channing Tatum and Charlize Theron danced. Kind of cheesy, I know. But two beautiful people dancing? Yes please. 
  • Joseph Gordon Levitt and Harry Potter dancing and singing together? This night is getting better! 
  • Whyyyyy did Christopher Waltse win for best supporting actor? I am so over Quentin Tarantino movies. I did not want Django to win anything. So stupid. 
  • This is the first time I have actually seen one of the animated films for the Oscars. And it was Paperman! So I am happy that it won. Haha.
  • The guy who won for Brave is wearing a kilt. He is wearing a kilt. Yes. He is. Fitting, eh? 
  • Claudio Marino definitely should have won for Life of Pi for cinematography. It was such an amazing movie. His hair, however, is not. 
  • I love that they play Jaws for the cut off song for speeches. Thats hilarious. And when Nicole Kidman goes, "Oh, poor thing!" to that guy who they cut off. So funny!
  • Woman who won for makeup design for Les Miserable was wearing pink pants. NO, PINK LEGGINGS. OH MY LANTA. So pathetic. 
  • I love all of these performances!! Chicago, Dream Girls, Les Miserable, etc.
  • Jennifer Hudson, you are freaking amazing. ......and then you ask, "Why did she not win American Idol?" hahahaha
  • Samantha Barks is freaking amazing in Les Miserables. Cool performance! 
  • Anne Hathaway's speech for best supporting actress was so sweet. I used to not be able to stand her--she is totally growing on me. 
  • I'm bummed Argo won. That's all I have to say about that.
  • Jennifer Lawrence's fall up the stairs at the Oscars just makes me love her even more.
  • Of course Daniel Day Lewis won. He was incredible in Lincoln. Blah blah blah.

I would make a link up for this, because I know all of you fashionista's out there are going to post about this amazing night, buuuuuttttt.....
I'm too lazy. 
So, yea. I'll link up with all y'all when I find them. :)
K thanks bye. 


K, now, really...bye.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

We Will Be Stronger Because of Our Pain.

I miss Kenya. A lot.
I'm not entirely sure why. 
It may be that it's 2:30 in the morning and I have been sleeping all day so I am wide awake at night and my thoughts just go to other places (run on sentence anyone?). 
It may be it's because I am in my bed and am feeling sorry for myself because of multiple broken relationships, a horrible migraine and stomach flu, and dealing with this awful snow. (I have watched half a season of Grey's Anatomy today. Pathetic much? So addicted!) 

Whatever the reason is, I cannot seem to stop thinking about Kenya

In the summer of 2011, I had the opportunity to live, teach, and do service in the village of Taru, Kenya. (talk about the middle of nowhere!) For many weeks, I was literally removed from the world. I saw things that I thought I would never experience. I felt things that cannot be put into words. My whole world was rocked. I came back a completely different person, with a completely different perspective of my life.

Fast forward a year and a half and I find myself in a rut.
Frustrated with many of the closest people in my life, hurt over a stupid boy, dealing with death, and stupid sickness, I find that my problems, although they are big, are nothing to the constant battle my friends in Kenya face every single day of their lives. 

This has been a hard year and a half for me.
I don't say that to get sympathy. I simply say that because it's been a huge transition. A lot of physical ailments have brought me down: kidney stones, flu, strep throat, stomach flu, migraines, etc. My fellow teachers keep explaining to me that it takes a few years for your body to adjust to being around kids all day. And now, I completely know what they mean. I have been more sick in this past year than ever in my entire life. And let me tell you, it is not fun. I have transitioned into working full time. And it's not just a 9-5 job. Teaching is a career that sucks a lot of energy out of me. It is 12 hours a day. I know that other people see me and believe that I have more energy than anyone, but I assure you, I do not. And I come home every day after teaching, completely exhausted because I put my everything into those kids. And I have had to learn to balance my life. I have been hurt by many guys in the past year and a half. And I know that may seem trivial, but I am convinced that heartbreak and feeling inadequate to the opposite sex is one of the most aggravating, difficult feelings in the world. 
And I have dealt with a lot of death. Friends, nieces, etc. I have felt a wave of millions of emotions throughout this past year and a half...and I have, yet again, had to remind myself that my struggle in this life is learning how to deal with those emotions

As I have been praying, literally all day today, I kept saying: "Please help me remember that these trials have been given to me so that I can come out stronger."
Because, Faith is all we can hope for at the end of the day, right? Faith to be better the next day. Faith that He will take care of you. Faith that everything in this life is happens for a reason. 
At least, that is what I explained to many of my dear Kenyan friends about. I reminded them of that many times as they sat on the ground and cried over the death of one of their fellow villagers due to AIDS. And, now, although my trials may be different, this is what I keep telling myself:

We will be stronger because of our pain. 

Aren't they beautiful? 
I will get back there!
My classroom is currently working towards saving money to send to my students in Kenya. Every 10 days that they read, is a dollar towards this student. This has really motivated my students to practice their reading and to help change others' lives. 


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

LINK UP Bachelor Thoughts: Sean's Season {Episode 7}

Good News, Friends!!! 
I have decided to make this a button only link up party!
 I have been reading SO many Bachelor posts and I thought--Hey! Why not? Let's all get in on the drama, eh?
Here are the rules: 

1. Follow Oh, Just Living the Dream. 
2. Put the Bachelor button at the end of your post and somewhere in your blog link it back to mine! Easy enough, eh?
3. Leave a comment telling me that you linked up!!!! 

Oh, yea. 

If you are completely lost then go check out my other Bachelor posts.
Beware: These are brutally honest and quite mean. But it's fine...this show is all fake. blah blah blah)
(didn't do first two episodes. DON'T HATE ME).

Okay, we are at the hometown dates. Where does time go? You ready to rock?

Ope, there goes Ashlee again with her deep, dramatic comments.

Yea, AshLee definitely was adopted. She is much more attractive than her parents. Haha.

Her parents are weird.
But, then again, so is she kinda. I like her. I like her a lot...but her parents are odd ducks.

Oh, her mother is extremely deep too. It's all making sense.

Anyone else getting this weird vibe from these people? Hmmm I cannot pinpoint it.

"If you know Ashlee...she's putting a lot of her heart into this..."-Ashlee's father.
Uh, ya think? 

Her dad's story made me cry. Yep, I said it. I am crying. I never thought this day would come.
Wow. What a tender man.

"Can't wait to meet your mom and dad and your family"-Ashlee's Mother.
He just laughs. Ha uhhhhhhh awkward.

Uh oh, people!
Their relationship seems so deep. Like there are a lot of things that are fitting for those two, but holy crap, that girl is in la la land. I feel like she is so swept off of her feet that she has forgotten about reality.
I think Ashlee may be a little too serious for Sean. No? Maybe?


I love Catherine. I love how dorky and crazy and real she is.

I do not love how she is always SCREAMING at the TV. I feel like she is always talking so freaking loud.

He is so real with her. She brings out a side of him that he isn't used to and I absolutely love that.

Her family is so opposite of Sean's...that may be a struggle for him.

My sisters would do the exact same thing as Catherine's sisters are doing.
Hahahaha (right Mac, Bri, and Lu?)
I don't even want to imagine what my family would do if I brought a guy home on national TV. haha

You know what's family would do the same thing and be just as rough as Catherine's. Probably worse.


Ughhhh Lindsay's voice. Shut uppppppp.
"She brings out the kid in me"-Sean
That's exactly what he said about Catherine.

Lindsay doesn't seem very smart. Haha.

Oh my gosh this is SO AWKWARD. He hates his life right now.
This is retarded.
"Army Prep?" Is this really happening? Holy hell.

hahaha she just smacked his butt. Yesssss.

HA homeboy is so scared to meet Lindsay's dad.

Ope, her mom is just like Lindsay. The scream when she walks in? Kind of odd.
My mother would never do that. Haha.

Her dad does not find Lindsay wearing a wedding dress amusing. At all. muhahaha.

Lindsay's dad is not that scary. Freak, my dad is scarier than him! Haha. But Sean is soooooo scared. I kinda enjoy this!!!

"I'm crazy about your daughter...."- Sean
.....16 times this episode to every.single.parent.
blah blah blah

"I can see myself in your family!"
Whooooooa that's huge.


"I'm gonna just want company and go hiking and...just...make out!"-Desiree
hahaha amen, sista.

Oh my gosh this is so fake. Holy crap. This is ridiculous.
This was so stupid, Bachelor.
Wow I cannot believe they decided to do it this way?
I'm pissed. They are just trying to make us hate Desiree more.

This is why I am so easy to make fun of.
That was perfect. Kinda messed up, but perfect! That's hilarious.

Oh my gosh her parents are adorable. They are such dorks...I'm obsessed with them.

Her brother is such a tool. hahahaha. He seems like such a classy guy....NOT.

"Do you mind if I HOLLA at you for a minute?"
Yep. He just said that.
Uhhh boy, you are whiiiiite. Hate to break it to you.

He has said reciprocation 3 times now.
He thinks it makes him seem smart.
Not when you repeat a word that many times, cowboy.
And Sean is like, "What is wrong with you?" hahaha.
hahaha her brother is ridiculous.

Oh no, Sean is pissed.
Her brother could possibly ruin this chance for Des.
Wow...if I were Desiree, I would be pissed.
 Obviously her brother is quite distant from the family--he has walked all over the entire family before in the past.

At this point, Desiree or Catherine are going home.
BECAUSE HOMETOWNS ARE SO IMPORTANT TO HIM. Sean is a family guy. And both Catherine and Desiree have very different families than he does. They are both very different than him.

Man, I'm good at this.

*Rose Ceremony

Oooh Desiree's dress. I love it.

Catherine looks beautiful.

Well, all of these girls are hot. So...he wins no matter what. Hahaha.


Wow Des is going home cause of her dysfunctional family. That sucks.
Case in point: Have a normal family, k?

I think Sean thinks he's making a mistake, too. He's totally questioning himself right now.

"I've been praying for clarity this entire time to make the right decision...."-Sean
I KNEW HE WAS MORMON. He prays?! Yayyy. hahaha.

Wow, this is sad.

Since watching this show, something that I have learned is that family makes all of the difference. There are wonderful girls, but they get kicked off because the guy doesn't like her family. It happens every season. I would be so pissed if I were Des--her brother totally ruined this for her.

I am actually incredibly shocked. I thought, out of the all of the girls that Desiree was the best fit for Sean. I am a little confused though as to why she didn't warn him beforehand--she had to have known that her brother was going to pull something like that. I feel like instead of being honest and warning Sean beforehand, she acted dumb towards the whole thing, almost oblivious to her family's issues. Seems quite odd to me...

Well, looks like it's down to Ashlee or Lindsay. It'll probably be Lindsay, with her horribly annoying voice. Ugh. I don't hate her, don't get me wrong...but Des was just perfect for him. He's an idiot.

Note: I have not watched the "Sean Tells All" Episode, yea, I will not be posting about that. I'm sure you're all extremely heartbroken over there...

Monday, February 18, 2013


I just realized that I haven't really written for awhile.
And by writing, I don't mean nonchalant, petty posts such as the Bachelor and sarcastic humor. I am simply referring to an actual post with a speck of depth to it.

Yet, you know what is sad? I have found that I have gained more "followers" by posting about this "stupid" information. Don't get me wrong, I love it. I think it's hilarious to sit there and analyze the completely ridiculous inner workings of a guy kissing 25 different women (how sad, huh?).

But, I think that's what the problem is.
My priorities are a little of whack right now.

I went for a drive (love my drives) and just needed to do some thinking.
I think I'm in a funk.
I get in a lot funks, it's true.

See, the thing about me is that I function much better with routine. I do better when I have something meaningful and difficult happening in my life. I function better with consistency, because "consistent" isn't exactly a word I would use to describe my personality. So, I find every consistent thing I can in my life to counteract my natural demeanor.
But as I sat there the other night, in my bed, all alone, watching Grey's Anatomy...
 I realized something.

I am just going through life. I am not really living it. 

I crave to be in sunshine right now. I crave to go somewhere.
Even though I need routine in my life, I also need spontaneity. That spontaneity and fun is very important to me. And I never realized how important these "adventures" are to me.
It is important to me to find meaning in everything that I do.
Sounds dramatic, huh?
Oh you have no idea.
Because I am constantly finding meaning in things, it causes a lot of stress and anxiety and hurt feelings. Because every relationship that I have has to have immense meaning, I find that it wears on me. I take things personally, when I know, logically, that I shouldn't. I react in a way that does not coincide with a particular incident that happens. It's not that I'm completely illogical, it's that I simply follow my feelings and my gut.
And that is exhausting. It's tiring. And frankly, I am sick of it. 

I don't do anything half. Anything. If I decide to do something in my life I'm gonna do it--and put 110% into it. Which is a good thing, to some degree. And because of it, I know that I will succeed in my life. Yet, because of this wave of passion that flows throughout me, I eventually crash.

I love my job as a 4th grade teacher. In fact, I love it so much I find that I have let that be a crutch in other aspects of my life. I think I subconsciously thought, "If I become the best teacher I know how, everything else in my life will work out how it's supposed to."
But, my dear friends, that is not the case. Since the summer, my life has been constant teaching. And I, literally, mean constant. I eat, breathe, think about what unit plan I need to plan next, what child needs my help next. Which isn't a bad thing, right?
 But I think I have become so engrossed that I have forgotten a little part of me.

The part that needs to step back and breathe for a minute.

But, my friends, I am doing what I can to wake up tomorrow; to remind myself that it is a new day. That I get to take more breaths tomorrow and that I can remember that not everything is as big of deal as we think it is. In the moment, even though it may seem like the biggest trial--it all works out. Because, as cliche as it sounds, everything happens for a reason. And I know that I will keep being pushed in this life.
I know that the Lord is going to continue to stretch me; He's going to continue to push me, until I learn from my mistakes, until I learn to become the most well rounded person possible.
And in the meantime there are going to be a lot of tears.
There are going to be a lot of dramatic moments.
I can't help it. It's in my nature.

But, what it comes down to, is that, tomorrow is going to be a new day. And I can live it however I want.
I can start living and breathing in the way that I want.
How cool is that?
How grateful I am for new days.