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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Break: {Instagram Style}

Here are snapshots of my Christmas Break... 
via Instagram. 

1. My beautiful, extremely photogenic niece.
2. Skyping with the cutest missionary in the field :) 
3. Nona's Christmas present. How fitting. 
4. Cuddling with nieces on Christmas Eve (and we are matching!) 
5. Christmas Eve tackle session with Uncle Landon. 
6. We didn't get out of our pajamas at all when we took this picture. It was 6 pm. Now THAT is Christmas Break!
7. Eight year old me! (actually, I don't know how old I am?) But the important part is that this picture is hung on the stairs right by my front door. This is proof that I am the favorite child. That's all I'm saying. 
8. K, well...we teach them young in my family, I guess. 
10. New Years Eve with some awesome people. I loved that crown. Haha. 
11. Portia got a signed Justin Bieber AND a pony poster? This girl is SET. 
12. I saw Les Miserables. Twice. I don't even know how I didn't cry! I always cry when I watch this!  All I know is that I love the music in this. Pure genius. It was such a spiritual, emotional, amazing experience for me. I agree 100% of what Katilda says about the movie. I wanted to write a post on it, too. But... I'm too lazy. 

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Click HERE to see more pictures of my Christmas Break!

It's currently 0 Degrees here in good ol Utah. ZERO. As in...almost negative. 
This is never okay in my book. Ever. 
I think what kills me most is my students are having INDOOR RECESS. 
If indoor recess doesn't kill a teacher, I don't know what will. 



  1. Cute pictures! You have a darling family. And now I shall go find you on instagram. haha

  2. For some reason i first read this title as "christmas break up" and i was like OH THAT'S NO GOOD. But now i'm up to speed. And thanks for the link to my Les Mis review :) Confession: I always cry at the play but I didn't cry during the movie. Then i questioned if i still have a heart. I'm glad you are validating me :)

  3. i think i only cried at les mis because i'm uber emotional and prego. still, i'm supposed to go with ronell on friday and it'll probably be another sobfest.


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