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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bachelor Thoughts: Sean's Season {Episode 3}

Note: I know this is really late...I meant to post it a couple of days ago. But then I got super busy. With teaching twenty five 9 year olds ya know? Kind of time consuming. Anywho...without further ado...
My oh so snarky, sarcastic, and possibly really rude remarks about The Bachelor.
Do not get me wrong: I LOVE this show. But there is so much ridiculousness to it: I have to add my thoughts! Haha. Enjoy! 

Okay, first of all: it's LeSSSSSlie. Like a snake. Not Lezzzzlie. Like a lesbian. Let's fix this now.

I like Leslie. I do. But the more that I look at her, the less attractive she gets to me. It's her eyes. They are weird. She seems really fun and he likes her a lot. But I don't think she is serious about a long term relationship.

Whoa, I love the style of Leslie's pink lace dress. But if homegirl lifts her arm slightly, her bootay is gonna be all over national television.

Guiness Book of World Records for longest On Screen Kiss? That's not kissing. That is pressing your lips together for 4 minutes. Big difference.

Ope, Sean's shirt is off. Again. Surprise, surprise.

Beach volleyball game? Every guy's dream right now. But holy balls, these girls are TERRIBLE. I should go on this show. I would dominate things like this!

Oh my she is CRYING because she lost the volleyball game. Honey...deep breaths.

Lindsay's voice. Holy hell. Stop. talking.

But Sean looks like a really good kisser. oh myyyyy gosh.

Desiree is freaking adorable. Marry her right now.
Sean really likes her. A lot. He looks and treats her differently than the other girls.
I love Desiree's confidence, too, Sean. I love it too.

Quick question: Does Amanda ever not look pissed?

Sean doesn't look at Kacie as more than a friend. I can tell.
And I totally feel like Kacie is throwing Desiree under the bus. Whoa, girl.
Kacie does not seem as sweet as she was before.
"Why are you saying something to me?"-- Sean. GOOD QUESTION!!! ATTA BOY!!! You go, Sean!  "I want you to act like Kacie, not like this crazy person I am seeing." Sean, you are officially my favorite Bachelor ever. He is so grounded and realistic.
I feel like Kacie is too desperate. Like, why is she back? I don't really get it.

Oh, shocking, Tierra fell down the stairs.
And is being dramatic about it.
I'm so surprised.
And she's a klutz.

mmmm I love Sean's sunglasses.

I literally screamed out loud when I saw they were going to Six Flags, alone. I am so insanely jealous!!! WHAT. SIX FLAGS. GIVE IT TO ME.

And those girls with chronic illnesses...oh, my heart. That is actually super sweet. I love this. SO much.

aaaand The Eli Young Band? I'm just pissed now.

"I would definitely like to have as many children as...many as my husband and I decide..."-Ashlee. Well, seriously? Duh. That could be any number, darling. Der der der.

Whoa, Ashlee comes out with the big guns. Yikes. She's been through a lot. I like her attitude, though.
Good for her for being open and vulnerable. She is really growing on me.

Ughhh Sarah drives me nuts. She is super annoying. Okay, I feel sorry for her arm. blah blah. But her voice and personality is quite frustrating. But that is so sweet that Sean brought her dog! Oh my word. How kind.

Oh, Tierra. What a biotch. That's all I have to say about that.
Moving on..

I love Desiree's dress at the Cocktail party. So cute and simple.

Whooooa Kacie might be going home from what Sean just said! Yikes.


The thing that I love about Sean is that he is really thoughtful of the girls. He doesn't want to hurt them. He tries everything in his power to be kind, even if he does send the girls home.

Dude if he doesn't pick desiree, I am not watching this show anymore.
Hallelujah, he did. Don't scare me like that, Bachelor producers!

....and that's it. For this week.
I'm a better person than this normally. Kind of. 

PS come check my guest post. It shows that I have quite a serious side, in fact.
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I love Bonnie and Natalie's take on this past week's episode as well. 


  1. Hey, funny fact. I sold pest control with Leslie H. I think she is up for a date next week. Looking forward to it.......

  2. Couldn't agree more about EVERYTHING ... Except, I don't like Leslie. Her name doesn't SOUND like a snake - she is one.

  3. Haha I haven't even watched this episode yet.... But I am just really excited about it now.


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