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Sunday, January 13, 2013

A little late, I know.

November 2012 was a very difficult month for me. 
I felt as though life was so incredibly stressful that I was being smashed in from all angles. I felt trapped and I couldn't get out of the rut that seemed to continuously haunt me. 

I was being observed in my classroom from UVU, my principal, my school mentor, the district, and a lot of people at least once a week--which, ultimately, required an immeasurable amount of lesson plans and stress. I don't think I can fully convey the uneasy feeling that a teacher feels when someone is just sitting in the back of your room critiquing every little thing that you are doing--especially if they are ones determining if you are a "good" teacher not. 
Along with that, I was finalizing my Senior Teacher Work Sample and finishing the last final steps of my college career. Which, in itself, was a big step. 
In the month of November I got: the flu, strep throat and kidney stones. Yes, you read that right. Kidney stones. I have literally, never been in more physical pain than I was in with those awful things. I literally would have much rather have died. 
Along with that, I got a flat tire in the middle of the night at my school (after everyone had left) and I got a speeding ticket, too. 
Plus, that's when the weather started getting cold. And I hate cold weather. Hate it. 

Now, I am not entirely sure if it was because of all of these outside factors that I became really down or if those things were happening because I was feeling down in the first place. But, in all honesty, I was not in a good place, whether the reason is known or not. I was lost. And confused. And really unhappy. I felt as though I had hit an all time low. My self esteem was done. I didn't like myself physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. 

Fast forward two months and I feel like a completely different person.
 I am so grateful for time.
I am so grateful for the Atonement and the knowledge that I have that the Lord knows every feeling I went through. And that, He loves me so incredibly much that He did everything in His power to make sure that I came out on top. With the effort of His love and my hard work, I can honestly say that I am no longer feeling sorry for myself. 
I am so grateful for an idea of a New Year. 
I feel refreshed and ready to start living my life again. 
Today, I gave a talk on the Divine Role of Motherhood. Sounds iffy, especially since I am not a mother, right? But it was so wonderful. It made me realize the importance of being a woman and the immense amount of love that the Savior has for women, in general, and for me, as a woman, individually. 

Lastly, I want to finally, share some photos of Thanksgiving Break. I had the opportunity to spend it in Palm Springs with three of my siblings and their families. It felt so nice to be in the warm sunshine (even though I had kidney stones pain the whole time). It was so nice to get a couple of days of sleep and relaxation, in the midst of this whirlwind of a time.
This past Thanksgiving definitely made me grateful for my health, that's for sure! Haha. 
Here's to a healthy 2013!!! 

Oh, Baxter.

Brother, Landon and Baxter.

Our golf course view!

backyard :)

My nephew, Dane.

My niece, Brizzy. 

Haha so perfect.

Brizzy is a clone of her father. 

:) love this.

Same exact facial expression.

Brother in law, Paul with Dane!

Catching Briz in the water.

Learning how to dive. SO cute!

the family gang. not literally. 

My adorable pregnant sister and her cute little family. 

The single children and the parentals. Are we clones of our parents or WHAT? 

Remember that one time when we used this as our Christmas card and my mom cut Nick and Landon out of it? Hahaha

Me and my niece, Brizzy :)
Man, gotta love my family!
Love those crazy, strong-willed, opinionated people ;)

Note: This blog is in the process of being re-done (can you tell?) My friend is working with me to help tweak some stuff for buttons, sidebars, etc. So, please just be patient! New Year, new blog, right? Hope you like it so far! Greg is my lifesaver!!! 


  1. stumbled on your blog via the blog hop at:

    those are some GREAT pictures that you shared!
    thanks so much for sharing them!!

    New follower via email! :-)

  2. Kidney stones are no fun. I had 9 between 2004 and 2009. If you can figure out what kind of stone it was it will really help in the treatment. My stones were a certain type and I figured out how to stop them in 2009 by drinking one 30oz glass of water, with a couple tablespoons of pure lemon juice in it, per day. Sorry, going off here, but I know the pain and I know how much better I've felt since I've stopped them.

    Also, great pictures!!

  3. Baxter is so cute. Glad you're feeling better

  4. Sounds like an awful month!! I am glad you are better and you are happy! A new year always helps with making a new you! You will be an amazing teacher staying positive!

  5. You have some good skills with a camera!! A new year is a fresh start! Good luck :)

  6. These photos are great and I am glad to hear you are doing better!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  7. Did you take those photos? They're great! You have a beautiful family :)

  8. You have a beautiful family. November does not sound like a month you'd want to re-live, but I'm glad it's over for you. My grandmother always says to take troubling times as a compliment because God thinks you can handle it. Easier said than done. Trust me, I know.


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