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Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012: What a Year!

This is my recap of a whirlwind of a year: some of my most memorable posts. 
As I was reading back throughout the whole year, I noticed that each month had a theme, interestingly enough. 
This year was full of stress, laughter, and some tears. 
Yet, as I look back, I have realized how much I have learned and grown. I am grateful for the life lessons that I have learned through the gospel, my teaching career, and the many extremely fulfilling relationships. 

You ready for this jelly?

Theme: Dealing with Trials 

January was a really hard month for me. January is usually a hard month for me. I was still grieving and the weather always kills me in this freezing month, so I had a lot of deep posts. Ha. 

Wrote a very honest, open post about dealing with depression. 
Why I Write... in general. 
Learned about my obsession with buns. With my hair. Not the other kind. 

Theme: Attitude 

Wrote a few notes to my future husband. 
Learned about another obsession of mine: Pinterest. 
Wrote a post about how Circumstances should not affect your attitude. 
My Very First Oscar Post. I TALKED ABOUT FASHION, PEOPLE. It's a miracle. 

Theme: Sunshine & Social Media 

My thoughts & opinions on some of my favorite television shows. 
A very very controversial post about equality. 
Went to San Diego for Spring Break.

Theme: Happiness

April was a really good month for me. I had found out that I was going to have my very own classroom in August. I finally felt like my life was moving along in a successful way. Plus, the sun starting shining (which always helps!) I wrote a show that my choir performed and was enjoying my very last month in choir ever. 

My very first Spring Nature photo shoot. 
A weekend at City Creek with friends. And lots of food. 
My Choir made a music video with Alex Boye!
Easter Sunday Thoughts. 
Some Spring Fun! 
Thoughts on my last semester in choir and a successful Book of Mormon show.
I, finally, after months of frustration, learned how to let go. 
I realized that unrequited love was the most painful feeling in the world.

Theme: A lot of endings & beginnings

May was a big transition time for me. Finished three years of singing in the most amazing choir ever, started my last semester of college ever, started decorating and planning my classroom. 

My very first Dear Me Letter and link up.
I learned that the one thing I crave in life is Consistency. 
A pretty hilarious Dear Me Letter (if I do say so myself).
Reminisced: my one year anniversary of going to Kenya. 
My friends and I make puh-retty crazy videos. 
I learned that full time school in the summertime sucks.
Dreamed of taking really artsy, romantic pictures like these. 
A LOT of thoughts. 
Reminded myself of everything I learned from LDC. 
Third year in LDC: picture style. 

Theme: Feeling Intensely

peed my pants over the funniest youtube video ever.  And these. 
An incredible quote about learning to be alone.
Fell pretty hard for a guy. Aw, summer loves. 
Thoughts on classroom environment. 
More thoughts on life.
Some more hilarious Dear Me letters.
One of the most powerful speeches on vulnerability EVER.
A break up post that had way too many views. (I guess people like reading about sad things?)
An ode to my long hair! haha

Theme: A lot of Deep Writing.

Learning not to react to life. 
A poem about me. 
Funny things that made me laugh. 
A quote that I'm pretty sure was written about me.
Colorado Shooting Thoughts. 
Saw Wicked on Broadway!
Watched a lot of Olympics
How to be Alone.


August was a transitional month for me. I started my very first year teaching and was finishing up all of my schoolwork as well. A lot of new things were happening and I was feeling a lot of stress (positive and negative). So much for a hot, enjoyable, summer month eh? Haha. I didn't have much of a summer, unfortunately. 

Venting Session 
Drooling over the hot men in Olympics. 
Rodeo time. 
A lot of feelings about starting school. 

Theme: a 4th grade classroom. 

Thoughts on Trust. 
4th grade sense of humor
One of the sweetest things written about me ever. 
You all wrote birthday notes to me on my 22nd birthday!! 
Celebrated my 22nd birthday with an awesome birthday party.
Some hilarious quotes from my students.
A look at my classroom and how I decorated it.
My kitty, Simba, died. 

Theme: A whole lot of everything

I was very busy in October: writing my senior thesis and adjusting to my first year teaching. It was the one year anniversary of my niece's death and I had a rough time with that. But I did, however, have some fun!

Threw a blogging party at awful waffle.
Took my very first family portraits. 
Went to Disneyland for Fall Break.
Took photos of the beautiful colors of Fall here in Utah.
Reunited with some lifelong Oregon friends.
Epic Halloween Costume and picture. 
Adjusting to teaching and the difficulties of it all.
Dealing with Holland's death. 

Theme: MIA

I didn't blog much in November.
That's all. haha.

Cried over the presidential election. 
A very emotional post about why my blog exists and the unwanted competition in the blogging world.
Spent Thanksgiving in Palm Springs with the family. (yep, didn't post about it though. It's fine. ha)

Theme: Christmas. duh.

I have felt a huge sense of relief when December came. I finished my senior thesis (75 pages!!), finished all of my observations, survived my first few months of teaching, finished college, and learned a lot about myself. 

Thoughts on the Sandy Hook Shooting from a Teacher's perspective.
Holiday fun!!
Pictures of Christmas with the Family

As you can tell this year was a mixture of stress, sadness, immense happiness, laughter, and lots of memories. 
Here's to a new year!
So ready for it.
2013 is gonna be my year. I can feel it. 


  1. LOVE this! Especially since we didnt meet until later in the year =) Now I can totally go back and get to know you better =)
    Much Love!

  2. This was such and awesome year recap post!!!!

  3. what a great year! i feel sometimes the lows make the good times seem even better :) happy new year!

  4. Great round up for someone new to your blog!! Looks like a fabulous year :) Would love to have you link up at my 2012 year in review party!

    xo Shane

  5. You are seriously so precious! I am so glad that I met you through blogging. Can't wait to see what's to come in 2013!

  6. 2013 goal: blog more often...or at least post pictures. in other news, why does teya always look anywhere but the camera?!!!!

  7. hello fellow fashion blogger! I love meeting new bloggers and recently found yours...I love this love...maybe come visit me sometime, I would love to hear from you..its fun peeking into fellow fashion lovers lives to see how they shop!!!



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