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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Yea, I know.
I know it is the middle of November, but if you decide to sponsor Oh, Just Living the Dream, I will allow you stay through November and ALL of December. So, really, today is your lucky day.

But seriously. 
There are only a few spots left so button away, my favorite people!
 I would love to have you on this blog. 
I'm not going to sit here and convince you to do it, because, let's be honest, I don't have the time nor the energy to right now. Strep throat and the flu for the whole past week has really gotten to me, let me tell ya. 
And if you want to do it, you will. 
You all are pretty individualistic women (er, you few men), right?
Plus, if you love me, you will do it. (passive aggressive much?)

Just click on the link below and it will guide you through the lovely steps.

Since I am just starting these passionfruit ads and let's face it, I am pretty fresh at this whole thing (hey, we all have to start somewhere, right?) I would love to do BUTTON SWAPS with you all. Just shoot me an email and I will let you know the promo code. I only have a couple more spots open for button swaps though, just FYI so get to me fast! 

Happy Button Swapping my Bubbly Bloggers!
(10 points for alliteration). 

If you're completely incompetent, here's how you do it:
1. Click on the Sponsor tab above.
2. Click Buy Now--for "Dreamin" Button (my only option for right now)
3. Upload 200x100 picture
4. Make sure to link it back to your page!
5. I accept it.
6. Wa la! Not rocket science.

P.S. Come be my friend all over the internet :)

Oh, Just Living the Dream Facebook Page

Oh, one more thing:
I am SO blog hopping right now.
it's fun.
You should try it.
Come on, everyone's doing it.
This blogging ish just got REAL, people.

Blog-working Wednesday!


  1. So I told you I wanted to ad swap with you AAAAAGGGEEESSS ago. Still do.

    Get on it girlfriend!

  2. i want to button swap with you too! but i have zero idea how to do it. i even have a button now

  3. Um... your blog is lovely! it's inspiring, fresh, and young! trust me, i've been blog stalking for the last four years or so haha. I love everything about this. Thanks for sharing and writing!!

  4. Yay, congrats on starting up your sponsorships! ;)
    xo TJ


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