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Monday, November 5, 2012



It's been a rough day.
But I have had a lot of tender mercies happen. 
I'm sitting in my classroom. It's 7 pm. I'm not working. I'm just thinking. 
I think it has become my safe haven--the only place I truly can get some alone time.
As I am sitting here attempting to plan for guided reading, I began reading posts about my niece.
And I watched this video of my two month old niece who passed away one year ago. 

Holland Kay, you have consistently been on my mind for the past two weeks.
I haven't watched this video in a year. And now I remember why.
I bawled like a baby through the entire thing.
Save a spot for us up there in heaven, okay, sweetie? 

Some posts written about Holland: 



  1. This breaks my heart. She looks like she was a beautiful little girl. What a lucky aunt you were!

  2. That is so heart breaking. I know there is a very special spot in heaven for little kids that die so early in life. :(

  3. Love you Sierra. Love you and your big heart. ❤

  4. Beautiful pics. I continue to be amazed how many lives she's touched. So glad I took those pics of you with her the night before she died. Had you not wanted to hold her, I might not have gotten any pictures :)

  5. BEAUTIFUL, sweet baby Holly...U R missed more than U will ever know...thank U for sharing Sierra :)

  6. I love looking at the pictures of Holland and I am always amazed at how many people in our family that she resembles. I see a little bit of everyone in her. Aren't you glad you got to know her and spend time with her? She is our angel baby.

  7. This is terribly sad, but so beautiful at the same time. Thinking of you today. xox :)

  8. I love this post. I love reading about sweet Holland and how she lives on.


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