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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Since We Were Wee Ones...

A couple of weeks ago, I reunited with my dear friends from Oregon. 
I grew up with these people. 
There is something so relaxing and fun to be with people you just get you because they have known you for so long. 
Friends returning from missions, cute pregnant friends, seeing friends I haven't seen in ten years. It was a great time.
Love you guys!

Party Animal.

Look! It's Taylor!

Add caption


Cant get one normal picture.

Shelby! Look at the camera!


why are my friends so good looking?

creepy brad and hungry sierra.

K, well...

I love my grapes!

laughing. as usual.

Landon on the phone....of course.

mid sentence.


Trying to read...

Little cutie.

He likes to woo. 

Or not...

model status.

Yay for lifelong friends!

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