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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Blogging Party at Awful Waffle!

I have, unfortunately, never been to Awful Waffle before our awesome blogger party last week. This is particularly sad because one of my good guy friends is the manager of the place. Don't hate me, Jared. But when all these beautiful and wonderful bloggers gathered together at this delicious savory and sweet crepe place--I was amazed at how good this place was (even though it has the word "awful" in it). 

As the words of my dear new blogging friend Bridgette: "I could have eaten anything. I don't remember the name of what I ordered, I just asked the girl at the counter what was good and I told her I wanted bananas and strawberries on top of whatever she said. Let's just say it was... AMAZING!" 
This place was seriously amazing. 

When I walked into Awful Waffle I felt so hipster (in a good way). It was just recently redone and it's architecture and design inside of the restaurant is as good as the food. 
Cupcake Chic did the cupcakes that were accompanied...and my stomach loved them. A lot. My body, however, did not. Haha. 
Snickerplum did all the adorable decorations. I felt like I was being spoiled at this place. They were sooooo cute and fun. 
I highly recommend all of these companies to each of you--whether for some delicious crepes, awesome cupcakes, or adorable decorations. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you Awful Waffle (and Jared!) for letting us bloggers come attack your restaurant :)

My fellow bloggers, it was so wonderful to spend the evening with each of you. You are so talented, funny, and fun! 

Jared. Little party animal. 

love these cuties. 

Working hard or hardly working?

Deidre :)

Oh, Alycia! Luh you.  

love this bonnie girl. 

more pictures here
Yay for the blogging world!
What a fun night!


  1. What a gorgeous place!! I love the white deer on the wall, haha.

  2. sad i couldn't come :( it was my roommate's birthday and so i had to help with her party

  3. "i felt so hipster" haha your adorable

  4. It looks like it was so much fun!

  5. Hardly working def

    Looks like a huge success!

  6. Ok, you are so sweet! haha. Loved the party, good job putting it together! Can't wait for the next one! :)

  7. It was so good to meet you at the blogger meet up! You are just adorable! Thanks for the blog love and link! I finally got my post up... took me way too long!

    Hope things go well with you. Love your blog!

  8. That place sounds pretty amazing! Looks like you guys has fun :)


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