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Monday, September 17, 2012

Out of the Mouth of 4th Graders

I am consistently laughing in my classroom.
My kids are out of control, but my goodness, they make me laugh!
I try to write down awesome quotes from my 4th graders so I don't forget. I can't write their names (stupid legal crap) but enjoy!

~"Miss Ainge, you look like an angel!"
(I know, right?)

~" Ms. Ainge, I mean, like, you're by the far the coolest teacher in this school, right Tag? (as he looks at his friend)... Tag nods. But you're also one of the prettiest ones too. But, I mean, not like that. Just yea, you're pretty. And cool. And a wicked awesome teacher."
(I do what I can, dear. I do what I can)

~"Miss Ainge, I'm really glad I got you as my teacher!"

 ~"Dear Miss Ainge,
You are an awesome teacher! You work very hard for us and I really think that is great. Everything that you plan is very fun for me and I hope it is for you and others too. You've been the best tacher and very respectful. Thank you!"
(yes, an actual written letter) 
(Are you kidding? My heart...)

~"Ms. Ainge, your hair looks pretty today!"

~"Dear Miss Ainge,
You are the best teacher and I'm happy that you picked me to be your student!"
 (Well, funny story, I don't pick....but you are welcome. I'll take the credit for that). 

~"You're actually really funny!"

~Student: "Miss Ainge?"
Me: "Yea buddy, whats up?"
Student: "I just wanted to thank you for being my teacher. That's all."
 (how precious)

~A letter:
"You are the GRADEST techer and the best techer ever."
 (we'll work on his/her spelling....)

~"How many frens do yu have?"
(yes, an actual written note)

~A letter:
"You are the best teacher evere I am so happy in this class and I like your beatufile rings i love the color of your hair and your niceness. your the best teacher ever."
(my grammar insides are killing me...0 punctuation. ahhhhh) 

~A letter:
"Ms. Aang,
You are the best teacher in this school."
 (well, you're a little biased. Oh, and I'm not asian. AINGE.) 

~"Ms Ainge, today you have been really nice, cute and funny."
 (hmmm am I not normally?)

It's an emotional rollercoaster, people.
I love my job.

P.S. Birthday Pictures here!


  1. That last one is so cute! And being described as a wicked awesome teacher is pretty impressive :)

  2. this is so stinkin adorable!! I love it. What a fun, hard-working job you have!

  3. just wait. the bad days will come. hang on to these letters and give them back to them on the days when they're not so happy with you. they might not laugh, but you will! :-)

  4. Love how rewarding working with kids can be! I'm pregnant and have had a few kids ask me if I'm having a baby. When I say yes they say 'oh good I thought you were getting fat!'. From the mouths of babes right? Lol


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