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Saturday, September 8, 2012

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! Birthday Post #4

Well, its the 9th of September...the actual day of my birth. Opa!
And the collection of wonderful birthday wishes continues now! Check out these lovely ladies and sweet notes. 
Some specific special Birthday Notes 1,2,3: Here, here, & here. 

*Hello, my fellow friends From Oh, Just Living the Dream!
My name is Abbey, and I blog over at a tiny place on the interwebz called Along Abbey Road.

She is going to be so old at the ripe age of 22. Somebody better get her some anti-wrinkle cream ;)

Here are a few things about Sierra I bet you didn't know...

Her favorite flowers are daisies. 
Her style icon is Audrey Hepburn (girl's got good taste, huh?). 
Her favorite pick up line is, and I quote, "Uhhhh???" Works like a charm, people. 
If Sierra could have any superpower in the world, it would be to transport anywhere.

Now you have some excellent birthday gift ideas, which may or may not include some daisies, that cute Audrey Hepburn picture book, a delicious looking man of few words, and a teleportation device. 

Happy Birthday, Sierra! Hope you have the best birthday yet! xoxo


One my favorite kinds of writing, makes you think. Everyone thinks in different ways. So I when writers place their words in patterns that tend to make you think a little harder, I feel like it makes it easier to relate to. and that is exactly what I love most about 'oh just living the dream!' Sierra is very deep with her words. She's got a lot of whit. It's as simple as that! (:
Happy Birthday to Sierra!  
-Lexi @ All You Need is Love

Hey y'all! Amanda here from making HAPPY happen to crash Miss Sierra's blog on her big 22!
Guys, tell her all the wonderful things you think of her because let's be honest, we all think she is so great! Seriously, she totally deserves at LEAST 22 comments telling her how much we love her, her beautiful writings, her honesty and realness, her positive attitude, her love and passion for music and life, and her pretty face. Am I not so right about all of those things? 
Seriously, I love this girl. She makes me feel like there is another person in the world like me. Someone who understands me. Who makes me feel like I am beautiful and loved. She makes me realize it's ok to feel sad, it's ok to have feelings, it's OK. I sure love her and am grateful to have her and her blog in my life.
So its September.. you all obviously understand that there is a little more than 3 months left from the 25th day of September to December 25th. I know at this early in the month its really more like you could say four months, but technically does it really matter. Who’s ready for Christmas? Well, until then let’s focus on September.
September is a great month because that’s when Sierra was born. That’s right her mother went into labor with pain on the brain and spit out a little blonde headed kid right from her loins. Very romantic it all is, like a Harlequin book. I wonder if her dad had long, blond flowing hair and spoke like a fake Frenchman with a big wad of banquettes in his mouth?
When she finally got teeth, she had the most infectious smile that still lights up a room. I mean I am not talking disco ball bright, I am just saying that if you ever want to feel a little more chipper then look at her smile. Geez.  
So did you know that the name Sierra is of Spanish origin. Hilarious. Does the girl look Spanish? Hum, unless this little rice cake loves blonde in a bottle, I am not sure was born a Spaniard. It also means “saw”. Like, hello, I saw you in the candy isle at the grocery? Or, I am going to “saw” some wood? Either way, when I hear it, I feel at peace. Like the dessert sand. Look upon the Sierra. Oh, wait, that’s Sahara. Whatever. Work with me people.
She’s accomplished so much in her beautiful years. She’s now a teacher. A role model. I am sorta glad she’s not my kid’s teacher because he probably would not get a thing done for staring at her beauty or her disco sparkly teeth. See above. But I will say, that any one is so lucky to have her in their life. I am glad her mother and father decided to do the fandango, she grew up and we became friends even far away.
Happy Birthday, Sierra! May your days be merry and bright. See I am still on the Christmas thing!

-Girls Love Fried Pickles


Sierra is a sweet, fluffy ball of cotton candy. But not the predictable baby pink, good for nothing but the flavor. She's a Celtics bold green. Intriguing, new, and friendly. 

Sierra is a stuffed animal - comforting, instantly familiar, beloved by all children. But she's not just a teddy bear. She's a fierce tiger, fighting and fiesty. Not to be pushed around or subjected to anybody.

Sierra is a sweetheart. A comedian. A friend. A fellow teacher and a model of patience and positive attitude. 

We may never have met in real life, but that doesn't make our friendship any less real. 

Here's to you kid. Like your students, I hope your day is full of magic and unicorns and candy and cake with LOTS of frosting. 

The happiest of birthdays to you! 
-Danica @ Black with a Chance of Cheetah

Can you guys believe it, she's 22! 
When she told me it was her birthday, I wanted to drive right on down to Utah and celebrate right along with her. 
It's not every day that I stumble upon a cutie like Sierra. She's stylish, she is an amazing photographer, she makes me laugh, and her sweetness is one-of-a-kind. She like like a little rainbow into my life. Happy Birthday, Sierra. 
You make the world a better, brighter, more beautiful place and we are all so thankful for you!

--Annelise @ Aunie Sauce

Sierra is 22 today. I was originally going to list out 22 things I loved about her and her blog-- but by the time my rough draft got to about reason #50, it became too difficult for me to just narrow it down to 22! Sierra is an inspiration for her fellow bloggers. She encourages us to be honest in our writing. She encourages us to write about things we know, and things we are passionate about in order to share this knowledge with others. She is an amazing writer, teacher, and friend: and we are all so lucky to have someone like her around. Her posts make me think, make me laugh, make me cry- but mostly make me realize what a truly remarkable girl she is. Happy Birthday, Sierra!!! :)
-Kelsey @ Life of  an Introverted Extrovert
Hey ya’ll! I’m Beka from Just American Honey and I am so excited to be posting here for a very special day—Sierra’s birthday!
 I discovered Sierra’s blog right when I was going through a tough time in my life. Her blog helped me so much because it is witty and honest. REAL. That is what I love about Oh Just Living the Dream, and Sierra. I just had to make a quick list of the things that make Sierra awesome, so here goes.
- She is a really good driver (she literally saved my life one time)
- She is always up for an adventure—like a motorcycle ride (we need to do that still), boating, or blogger meet ups
- She is totally honest and doesn’t take crap
- She helped me be brave enough to get a picture with the famous Jef Holm (it was really quite epic)
- She is not only witty but she has a contagious laugh
- She has great taste in clothes (I know this mostly because of what she pins on Pinterest)
- She helps everyone feel welcome and included even if she doesn’t really know you
There are more reasons why Sierra is amazing, but you will just have to come back and read more of her blog to get to know those! Sierra, I hope your birthday is the best day ever! 


Quickly I will tell you about me. My name is Deidre. And I am married to a man named Adam. We are in love. And we blog over at Love, The Skinnys

Alright. So what can I tell you about Sierra? I will start with how I know her. I met her this summer at a guy's house that I worked with. And then a month or so later we met again through her brother at church. And now she is permanently in my life through friends, blogging, and randomly bumping into each other everywhere. And she immediatly won my husband's respect when (I bet she doesn't remember this...) she told him at a Christmas party, "You two make a classy couple! Keep it that way!" He brings it up all the time. 

I have enjoyed keeping up with her crazy life through blogging. She has a FABULOUS blog because she covers every base of her life. And her life is fun. Well now it is her birthday! And I love that about her. And frankly, I just love her. She is a gem above all gems. Hope today is the best. 


Hi party people! It's Brooke from Silver Lining
It turns out Sierra and I are kind of the same person. We're both first year teachers (she's in fourth, I'm in fifth), and we grew up like 10 minutes from each other in Oregon. Pretty sure we went to the same dances as teens. Also, we both have an affinity for soup, salad and breadsticks at Olive Garden for lunch. (Let's not mention that she's blonde and I'm brunette, or that she's athletic and I'm not.... lest that ruin my thesis about how alike we are.)
Anyways, she's so great! And such a natural teacher. You know those people that are just "born with it?" Yeah, that's her.
Happy birthday dear!!


Hi there guys, I'm Jennifer
Today I'm crashing Sierra's blog because it's her 22nd birthday! I've always thought birthdays are kind of a big deal. :) Sierra is such a sweet and lovely lady and her blog is always encouraging! I'd love for you all to wish her a happy 22nd birthday today! I know God has great things in store for her this next year! 

Happy birthday Sierra!


Where can I begin with Sierra Ainge, that girl is a gem through and through?
 We were in an LDS institute choir together and I remember her being one of the first to introduce herself to me, which helped in many ways with me feeling comfortable in the choir.She is always smiling, laughing, and enjoying herself and those around her. She is definitely one that you could take any problem to and she would do all she could to help you through it. I would say that she is an angel in her own right but also has a rebellious side that can pick out some pretty sexy lingerie I ended up receiving at my bridal shower. smile So here's to you pretty woman, happy birthday! 22 is an awesome age and live it up to the most high and beyond! Remember who you are and that everyday counts. Love you pretty lady!"


**And last but not least...

Hey people! Look! It's My Birthday Too!

Well not really,

But I am here to convince you to send the lovely Sierra

loads and loads of






Who am I you're probably wondering...

My name is">Tabitha>, "Hello it's lovely to meet you"

After meeting S two years ago, we fell madly in bllove (blog-love)

We've seen Wicked

And had so many lunch dates
Don't you just love her jacket?

Wanna know something crazy?
We are apart of a Dynasty, and it dates back to 1900!

Me and S are RELATED.
Same blood.
We share people that swam to America from Europe!
Even better, in our honor it's called Siebitha.

So now that I've shown you my credentials

 I'd like to share with you a few reasons why S is so fab.

She wants a puppy, who doesn't?

She's got Ronda the Honda

She is a Teacher

She is a daughter, sister, aunt and friend!

 She likes long walks on the beach

She likes Cupcakes

and Cowboys

She has long blonde hair

And the body of a babe (not creepy)

She loves Oregon, 10000 points

She is sweet

She is kind

She is Loving

And more than anything else

She is my friend

Today she is 22!

Now give her some love.

-Tabitha @ My CliffNotes

Aren't my blogging friends the best?
Happy Birthday to me!


  1. HAPPPPPY BIRTHDAYYYY! Gosh I love ya girl. I'm so happy I was able to brag about you a bit to all of your lovers via internet and more. I sure love you. I wish so bad I could come party with you. Have the best birthday! Muah!

    xoxoxoxoxo (Extra love on birthdays)


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