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Friday, September 7, 2012

Birthday Post #2

Remember when I told you about my birthday posts?!
Well, here is another one, my dears.

This is from my little sister that I never had, Kim. She is literally the nicest, most giving human being I have ever met.

I am sure you know that today {Sunday} is Sierra’s Birthday!!
Sierra and I met about 2 years ago… I know her because of this guy
Over the past 2 years, she has become the older sister I never had.
We have bonded and I have learned she has many qualities that I cherish:
She is talented
She is a listener
She is blunt
She is a confident
She is my role model
She is fun
She is spontaneous
She is kind
She is smart (Seriously--she is just turning 22 and is already a teacher!)
She is important
And let’s not forget to mention how GORGEOUS she is.
It is actually because of her blog that I started mine.
I saw how she used it as her therapy and as a brief escape from reality.
Many times I have read her post and a flood of emotion overcame me because of the pure words coming straight from her heart.
I have learned so much from her… and hopefully I will get to learn much more when she becomes my real big sister!

Miss Ainge!


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