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Monday, September 24, 2012

A 4th Grade Classroom

I know, I know.
I already posted about my classroom here.
But I just got my new camera and I want to use it!


Plus, I spent sooo many hours on this classroom (and IN this classroom)...I have to show it off somehow, right?

Just go with it.

My classroom theme is Sports. And I did not do this simply because I am obsessed with sports, but because I want my students to learn that we are all a team. That team members work hard, have fun, and succeed. I want my classroom to learn that we are all working together for them to achieve positive results: from student to student, student to teacher, parent to teacher, etc--we are all working together to learn. It is absolutely amazing to watch these students already learn to work together and use those attributes. 
By my desk.

Front of the room. 
Our "Team Rules" or Class Rules:
1. Follow Directions quickly.
2. Be Respectful and Honest.
3. Make Smart Choices.
4. Be Ready to Learn
5. Make Your Dear Teacher Happy.

Every morning we say our Class Pledge. At the beginning of the year we talked about what each sentence meant. They whine and complain instantly when I state, "Okay! Everybody up! Class pledge time!" Yet, Often times, I hear my students saying it to each other. Half of the class already has it memorized. It's so important to watch them take responsibility and follow the pledge.

Class Pledge: 
When we care about each other in the classroom, we share what we have, listen carefully, help each other learn, work as a “team”, work hard and have fun together. We understand that everyone makes mistakes, that we stand up for ourselves and others, and that when someone asks us to stop, we stop. This is who we are even when no one is watching.

All Star of the Week Board.
Each week, we feature a student in our class. They get to make a mini poster and on Friday, we all write little notes to that All Star saying kind things. It's fun to watch even those shy ones to get their attention for the week. 

When I need their attention, I yell "Give me 5!" They all instantly give me 5 back (sometimes). This means their pencils are down, eyes are forward, they are not playing in their desks, they are not talking, and their ears are listening. 
I am constantly amazed at how atrocious some of these boys and girls handwriting is. So I explain to them what "MVP work" looks like and I remind them often, "Write it nice or write it twice!" Yes, I have made a student redo one of his writing assignments because it was so poorly handwritten. 

"What voice are we using?" I exclaim as the children are talking extremely loud. They look at the board, roll their eyes and say "It's a no voice time." Ha. This thing is magic.

MVP Work board. This is where I put high quality work! (Aren't those drawings of themselves so cute?!)

At the beginning of the year, we talked about our "Hall Acronym" by the door. When my students line up at the door, I say, "Hall Acronym: what should we look like?" And the students know that that means (or should mean) that they are not talking, not touching each other, and looking forward. We are, unfortunately, still working on their hall line skills. 

Lunch Count. They place popsicle sticks on the lunch that they want for the door and I have a lunch count helper help me each day to count them. I love this so much!

My kids love to be classroom helpers. So each day, we rotate our "Assistant Coaches" -- lunch count helper, ball bucket carriers, paper passer, attendance clerk, etc. 

I have jerseys hanging up all along the side of my room. The students always talk about which team they would want to be on. Ha. 

Still my favorite bulletin board!

Opinion Writing board. 

Science bulletin board (biomes). 

Writing Bulletin Board. 

Journeys/Literature Bulletin Board. 

At the beginning of the year we read the book, "Have you Filled a Bucket Today?" Essentially, it means that each person has a bucket that needs to be filled. We do not want to take out of their bucket and be mean, but fill their bucket with nice things and compliments. So when we have some down time, I allow the students to write bucket fillers to each other. So far, I have had no problems with mean notes......yet. 

Reading Dugout or Reading Corner. 
That is our class dog, Copper. At the beginning of the year,  I allow them to vote and choose the name for our class pet. He likes to sleep in the reading corner. I allow them to rotate to hold Copper during silent reading time. They love him. 

Teaching my students how to pick a silent reading book. 

Come visit! :)


  1. Great classroom! I would almost move to payson just so Palmer could have you........almost.

  2. Your classroom is amazing. I want to see you in action as a teacher! :)

  3. That is the most adorable classroom EVER! You did such an amazing job!!!!!

  4. Love the class pledge :) your basketballs and nets look like the female reproductive system. i still like it though.

  5. Oh my gosh I need a nap after that! So many reasons I could never teach the young uns. I am so impressed with everything you have done with your classroom. It looks amazing!

  6. lol. I also think the balls and nets also look like the female reproductive system. I doubt the kids will pick up on that, though. :)

  7. What a neat idea! Makes me want to be back in elementary. The kids are lucky to have someone like you that cares so much. You have great concepts.

  8. You must be an incredible teacher! Love the Oreo board, and the Star of the Week. I was one of the shy ones, and I think I would have enjoyed school a lot more if I had had a teacher like you!

  9. this looks great, you can def. tell you love it!

  10. Holy cow woman! I want to be in your class! So so Darling!!

  11. What a wonderful place to learn! I enjoyed seeing the way your have organized your room. Those sayings are great (write it nice or write it twice!? good one). I need to write some of these down.


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