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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I like to think I'm a country girl.
I'm not.
I like to think that cowboys are always hot.
They're not. 
But something about those cowboy hats kill me.

But the Heber Valley Stampede Rodeo on Saturday reminded me why I love me some country! (See how I even did inappropriate grammar in that sentence?) #englishnerd
I tagged along with the entire Charlesworth gang and my brother, Landon, joined us. It was his first rodeo and I was so excited for him. Especially since I have lived at these things this summer. (Hmm....sounds like I need to find a tall, hot, rodeo man? Oh, wait...) 

I stole a nice camera and was documenting the entire thing.
Once AGAIN, I am dying for a nice camera. 
I'm ready for a Nikon donation, people ;)

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.

Landon and Kimmy. 
Jack, Dallan, Cole: The boys who participated in the Hide Race.
It was so fun to watch someone actually participating in the events!
Makes it a lot more exciting. 
Haha! The boys lifting Jack up on the hide race!

Aw. Cute brother, Landon!

I love this picture. Typical Lanny face. 

Cute little Kaydie Jo :)

Hey, look! It's me!

Cole just waiting for the outhouse. hahaha
Buckin' horses!
Nice, Cole. 

Cortni, who rode the horse, in the hide race! 

So cool. 

right before competition!

Ummm, I find a little boy who looks exactly like my nephew, Palmer.
Love this picture of Jared.

Aw! He's a cowboy, now!
Cole and some really white girl ;) 

Proud to be an American!

Such a cowboy!

Love the sunsets that happen in Utah!

Loved this horse. 


Love the silhouettes in this. 
I want a horse so bad!

Landon found his new girlfriend.
She was obsessed with him.
No, really.

Cowboy hats :)

 Yay for fun summer activities!
....that are basically over :/
Real life has officially hit. 
12 hour days: at all day teacher workshops, meetings, planning curriculum and organizing classroom. 
I come home completely exhausted. I don't have the energy to do anything except lay here and watch the Olympics.
I am feeling a lot of "negative" emotions right now (stress, anxiety, nerves, catch my drift).
But I am trying to stay grateful that school starts in 2 weeks and that I am given this wonderful opportunity in the first place. 
I'm just holding on to life right now. 
Sometimes that's we can do, right?
Like I say, never a boring day 'round these parts! (see what I did there?)


  1. You guys look like you had such an amazing time.
    And cowboy hats are sexy. I watched Dog Whisperer the other day and when Cesar Milan put on a cowboy hat, his sexy factor just went through the roof. Creepy that I find Cesar Milan attractive? Yes

  2. Thanks for following ModaMama! Much appreciated. And may I say, the cowboy hats are killer!

  3. I am such a sucker for cowboys!! These pictures are so so cute and make me sad for missing rodeo season :(

    -I'm your newest follower!

  4. ummmm your brother is probably the cutest little cowboy in the world! i want a little ol cowboy brother too

  5. Love the flag pic!! Looks like so much fun, I've never been to a Rodeo :(



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