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Saturday, July 28, 2012


The 2012 Summer Olympics in London have officially begun!
I am not entirely sure why I am so enthralled by these particular Olympic games, but I am sitting here on  my couch (and may have been for a long time) still watching them. 

Note: it doesn't help that I attempted to go running at 130 this afternoon on a summer day in Utah. What am I thinking? I'm clearly not an olympic athlete. Shocking, I know. 
Than I progressed (digressed?) to a migraine. I am officially incapacitated, so the Olympics have been on all day. Either way...still completely enticed. 

My favorite sports to watch are volleyball, gymnastics and swimming (so, yea, basically all of the Olympics ha). 

I watched the entire Opening Ceremony last night, too. 
I'm not entirely sure what was happening. Was it just me or did anyone else feel like they were on drugs?
Either way, I still loved it. (I mean Voldemort AND Mary Poppins? Weird, but AWESOME. Right? No?)
It's London. They can do whatever they want. 

Here is what I tweeted last night:
in order...
@sierraainge: This opening ceremony only reminds how much I want to go to London.
@sierraainge: Is this opening ceremony real? or am I on drugs?
@sierraainge: How awkward does Kobe Bryant look while walking at this Opening Ceremony? At least Lebron looks semi comfortable. I still love America!! Ha
@sierraainge: I love that Obama can't even show American pride for his own coutry at the olympics by not being there.  *retweeted* 
@sierraainge: "Despite all the tension that may be happening between countries, the smiles on each of these olympian faces are genuine."
@sierraainge: holy fireworks.... #Olympics2012

Come find me on twitter...can you guess what my twitter name is? ;)

And then, I watched this absolutely incredible interview.
Normally, I try to stay away from politics on this blog.
I was raised in a family that got heated over politics--well, we got heated over most things, really--so I try to stay clear. But this interview with Mitt and Ann Romney is quite phonomenal. I don't care whether you're Republican, Democrat, Purple, White or Rainbow (yea, just go with it. you get my point), just watch this.
Some of my favorite quotes:

"When you attack success, you have less of it."
"Defining people on who has money and who doesn't is not the American way."
"She (ann) is the only woman I have ever love. Truly loved. I love her, but she is my hero. Not in just her physical battles, but because she raised 5 sons, too. And not just 5 sons, but MY 5 sons!"

Now try to tell me these people are rich, "not in touch" human beings....

Okay, let's get these competitive juices flowing!!!
What are your favorite events?
Anyone else love the Olympics as much as I do?
Or am I still a huge, fat nerd?


  1. The opening ceremony was so bizarre, very British and absolutely bonkers, it made me proud to be English though.....I have been wondering what people overseas made of it. I heard that NBC cut out the tribute to those that died in the 7/7 terrorist attack for a Ryan Seacrest interview, which I have to admit I found pretty appalling. I watched a bit of the swimming today, but haven't seen much other than that, I may watch a bit tomorrow. It's the Paralympic swimming I really want to see as I know someone competing.

  2. What a cute blog! I am returning the follow! Thank you so much for your kind words and stopping by Naptime Review.


  3. I can't wait for President Romney to take office. The man was born to lead a country. Our country. Such a class act. The media tries to pull things out of the closet on him, but the thing is, he doesn't have anything in the closet! They rip on him for being wealthy - since when was it a crime to be good at what you do and successful? The man is a plumber for leaky corporations. He goes in there and takes what is broken, turns it around, and makes it profitable. If anyone is qualified and able to fix the mess this country has become in the last 3.7 years, it's him.

    Also, I have not seen any of the Olympics. Not sure how that has happened but it's true. I'm going to blame it on not having a DVR.

  4. I love the Olympics too! I felt like I needed to be high before watching the opening too, but hey the firework show at the end was fabulous!

    I hope your migrane is gone!


  5. Your tweets and my tweets are almost exactly alike! haha. It was really interesting to watch the opening ceremony and definitely makes me want to go to London even more! I have to respectfully disagree about Obama though. I'll be supporting him in the 2012 election. (But that's really cool that you blogged about politics!! Hardly anyone does because they don't want to step on toes, but your blog is YOUR blog and no one should get mad at you for writing what you want!)

  6. Not at all related to your post (I haven't seen ANY of the olympics yet, but I hope to see some of the tennis matches), but what a SWEET blog! I found it from the comment you left on mine, and I absolutely love it :) Keep up the good work! Excited to be your newest follower.



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