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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I'm sorry that I have been MIA (because I'm so sure that all of you are heartbroken). I have been basking in Oregon's beautiful green weather. I wish I could say that it has been Oregon's beautiful, green, SUNNY weather. However, that has not been the case. Never fear, though, it has been nice enough to enjoy nature's harvest of greenery (ya see what I did there?). 
Surprisingly, a lot of photos have been taken. Granted, many of them have been on my iPhone. But, hey, beggars, can't be choosers right? When I come home, I sort of check out from the rest of the world. And I sleep. A lot. Ah, nothing like coming home to your old bed!
I love Oregon. I always will. Now, I wish that it were sunny. But I have sisters and nieces and parents here. So it can't be too bad, eh? 
Alas, I shall update you with my most recent adventures through my Instagram photographs (yea, I shouldn't be blogging this late....) 
Come be my friend!
Everyone's doing it.

Sometimes (and by sometimes I mean almost every day) I swim  with friends.
This happens quite often, really. Of course I'm the only one actually in the pool. 

Sometimes I put a chair in the pool and just sit on it.
It's fine. I do what I want.
Sometimes we go on a field trip to Thanksgiving Point and I find little kittens.
I swear, I find animals every where I go. It's a sign, people. I need a pet!!!!

I'm still not entirely sure why I was so excited....
But I am. So that's good.
Sometimes we become the rebels and don't follow the rest of the group.
And decide to take pictures with the horses.
Yea, we were those kids on the field trip.

And then we take pictures like this.
Yea, we don't wanna talk about.
Cool dinosaur fossils though, right?
And this one...

And then, sometimes, I go home to Oregon and find my niece is actually my twin,
And while in Oregon, my parents and I hike beautiful Angel's End. It was fuh-reaking hard, but so worth it. 

Are you kidding? Look at the view.
And no, I'm not talking about my sweaty face and body. 
Love it.  
My cute niece, awkward brother in law (ha), and my sister's awesome flag cake! 

And sometimes I see my bestie, Alyson, and laugh. A lot. Little cutiesssss

Now, to some seriously wicked awesome sleep time in my bed. 
Be jealous.
P.S. Don't hate me if I sort of disappear for the next couple of days. Again. I need to be in real life. It's good for me. But don't leave me, k?
Happy 4th of July, y'all! Sending my love!


  1. Your niece is out- of- this- world adorable! She is your mini-me! So cute!!!!

  2. Love your little blog! I love finding teachers that blog about life, and teaching..but not just teaching! Looking foward to more posts :)

  3. Um. I'm doing an instagram link-up on my blog, and you should join. I mean I'll love you forever either way, but, you know.


  4. I want to go to Oregon with you one time ok? It looks pretty,and i like WA, so I assume I would love OR. Your niece looks just like you!!

  5. Looks like you've been having fun! Thanks for visiting Semi-Charmed Kind of Life. :)

  6. I'm so sad I'm not there. You coming in August for kimmy's wedding? We'll be there from about the 16th-26th

  7. Home is where the heart is. True fact. Have a blast.

  8. So jealous you're always hopping around everywhere! Love all of these pictures :) So cute!

  9. love these pictures :) i LOVE the kitten & i have one that is matching haha! :)



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