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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Okay, raise your hand if you were going to pee your pants from excitement on Sunday due to the airing of the Bachelorette finale?
And, raise your hand if you are going to blog about the Bachelorette, ya know, because these are the real complex workings of our social media and our country? (run on sentence...just deal with it)

I have decided to post some thoughts on the inner workings of this season.
I had to. I just had to give in.
Am I like every other blogger now?
You may ask: Why? Why, in Zeus's name, Sierra, are you posting about this?
And my response is: Because, dear world...Why not? (Yea. I still have 5 year old responses. It's fine)
It's my blog. I do what I want. 

I love them so much I even creepily download pictures of them from their instagram.
ahhhhh. It's fine, I have a personal connection. Just keep reading.
P.S. come follow me on Instagram! @sisiainge (ha--you see what I did there?)
1. Let's face it, this was probably my favorite season in a looong time. Especially if we are going to compare it to Ben's season (sorry Ben. Ya know, cause I just know you read my blog. Courtney? really? Like, let's get real here for 5 seconds). So much more common sense in Emily. I love it.
2. I didn't like Emily at first. Yep, I said it. I thought she was a high maintenance, southern diva who was boring. And although the first half off the sentence may still be true, I really grew to like her. A lot. I love how serious she was about finding true love. I love how honest she was with herself and with the guys. If she knew it wasn't going to work out, she sent those babies home.
3. I also really appreciated how real Emily was. I think she's a lot more feisty than people give her credit for. She knows what she wants, she knows what she values, and she does it. Plus, the girl is fuh-reaking beautiful. (We can just ignore the fact that she continues to get more work done on her face, but it's whatevs).
4. I loved the top 3. Like, really. I loved all of them. In different ways. I still think Sean would have been the best father (yes, my sister, Lexie, disagrees with me on this one). And although Sean is most compatible with ME (hardy har), I thought he was sweet and kind. Yea, he was a little boring. But hey, they can't all be perfect.
5. Can we just talk about how painful it was to watch Arie put love potion on Emily and than watch him try everything in his power to not cry when he was completely blindsided? Oh, my heart. I felt so bad for him. I seriously almost started crying (yea, I'm that pathetic). I just felt so much sympathy for him.
6. Yet, as I began to think about it, and as I have continued to watch Jef and Emily (cause I'm a stalker), I can tell they are head over heels for each other. Because the Bachelorette is real life. Duh. I think they might make it. Even if they may have issues with his mormonism past (YIKES I SAID MORMON. It's true....hold that thought), I really think they are going to make it.
7. Yes, back to the mormon comment. I know Jef is not "active" blah blah blah, his family is still very LDS--even though they dubbed over that his parents are doing "charity work" --mission presidents, people. Just let him say it. Goodness! I love what Bonnie had to say on this topic about Jef and mormonism. (thanks girl!). Either way, Emily is basically mormon. Seriously. All she talked about was having more babies and having a family. Ha! Either way, I do think it is something that will be an issue in the future.
8. Either way, I love Jef.. No, but, really. We met a couple weeks ago and I'm pretty sure he flirted with me (or just talked...either one works, really). But, hey, he was an engaged man at the time. And much to the dismay (confusion? I don't know the right word to write there?) polygamy isnt existent in the mormon world anymore. In case any of you still believe that, so I can't really go chase him down and remind him of our friendly, witty, banter with one another. Either way, he'll regret his decision and come back to me. Soon enough.
9. Watching these kinds of shows makes me want to fall in love.
But not on reality tv.
But still.
Should I try out?
No, but seriously.
See? He couldn't resist me.
I have a lot more to say on the Bachelorette Season 823054843 (or am I off one?), but it's late and I have MY LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL EVER starting tomorrow.
So, yea. I get a little delusional any time after 11.
Okay, 9.
Fine....7 pm.

Any other opinions, comments, or questions you have on this past season of Bachelorette? Cause I have them. But I am having a major brain fart. I have all of these ideas to write (as usual) and then when I actually sit down to write--it's like my memory forgets everything. 
Eh, whatever.

P.S. Happy Pioneer Day, Utah!! What a random holiday. I still don't think I have really "celebrated" it since living here. But, hey, super happy about no school? ha. Do i sound like a snot yet? So grateful for the pioneers who went through enormous physical, emotional, and mental trials for ME. God knew I couldn't be a Pioneer. That's why I'm on this earth now :) haha. 


  1. SO jealous that you met Jef-- I was so thrilled (finally) with how a season of this show ended!! Love this post!!! :)

  2. I love this! hahaha. Made me laugh...but very true!

  3. Ah, geez girl, thanks for the shoutout! It means the world to me! And yes, my heart hurt SO MUCH when she said goodbye to Arie. One of the most painful breakups ever. I don't really understand everybody's love for Sean. He's got a nice body and all but he was so boring! I couldn't get myself to fall in love with him like everyone else.

    Go emily and Jef!

  4. Ahhh. This is so true. Great recap. I love Jef, he was my favorite from the beginning. I'm not your newest follower. Keep up the great blogging!


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