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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dear Me {8}: And My Dear Friends...

Dear Me
And my dear blogging friends:

To those of you who seem to have: 
lost something dear to them,
gone through a terrible break up, 
suffered the emotional roller coaster of a death, 
did not reach a particular goal, 
lost the loyalty of a dear friend,
lost the motivation to keep going, 
or any other feelings of sadness, anger, frustration, or humiliation.

Read these two posts:

Watch this video. 
(thank you Kylie!)
It will change your perspective.
If it doesn' it again. 

Listen to this song
(Thank you Hillary!)

Brand New Day: Joshua Radin

Read This: 
She also knew how to have fun, but knew when to stop and put her mind on other things.
 she had a wholesome look about her, a sparkle in her eyes, and a smile on her face. She knew why she was in school. She was there to learn. She dreamed of the kind of woman she wanted to be and patterned her life accordingly.
Find purpose in your life. Choose the things you would like to do, and educate yourselves to be effective in their pursuit. For most it is very difficult to settle on a vocation. You are hopeful that you will marry and that all will be taken care of. In this day and time, a girl needs an education. She needs the means and skills by which to earn a living should she find herself in a situation where it becomes necessary to do so.

For you, my dear friends, the sky is the limit. You can be excellent in every way. You can be first class. There is no need for you to be a scrub. Respect yourself. Do not feel sorry for yourself. Do not dwell on unkind things others may say about you. Particularly, pay no attention to what some boy might say to demean you. He is no better than you. In fact, he has already belittled himself by his actions. Polish and refine whatever talents the Lord has given you. Go forward in life with a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face, but with great and strong purpose in your heart. Love life and look for its opportunities, and forever and always be loyal to the Church.

Never forget that you came to earth as a child of the divine Father, with something of divinity in your very makeup. The Lord did not send you here to fail. He did not give you life to waste it. He bestowed upon you the gift of mortality that you might gain experience—positive, wonderful, purposeful experience—that will lead to life eternal. 

Look to the positive. Know that He is watching over you, that He hears your prayers and will answer them, that He loves you and will make that love manifest. Let the Holy Spirit guide you in all that you do as you look to become the kind of woman of whom you dream. You can do it. You will have friends and loved ones to help. And God will bless you as you pursue your course. 

Remember this:

I have realized how many wonderful people I have in my life in the past 24 hours.
I am so lucky for friends who call and are as pissed as I am. (ha!)
I am so lucky for family members that give me perspective on the future.
I am so grateful for my Savior who builds my confidence when I seem to question everything about myself. 

Other Letters to Myself:

Write your own Dear Me Letters!
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Oh, Just Living the Dream

Life is good, even when it is hard
It's fine, guys. 
We got this :)


  1. does this mean im allowed to set you up with my cousin now? i've decided you should marry into my family.

  2. I made the blog! And I'm glad that my 1:45 a.m. song of inspiration made it, too :) You're strong, you are wonderful and you'll be OK.

    PS: I'm so happy you know you could text me in the middle of the night. Don't ever think differently.

    PPS: Joshua Radin is just as hot in person if not hotter:

    PPPS: I love you!

  3. I'm new to your blog and just found out my Dad has cancer. I'm pretty upset, angry, giving up positivity, and saw this as I got on Blogger. I like the pictures at the bottom.. I needed this more than ever. Thanks so much. I'll start the Dear Me letters. Is there a certain day you do this? Steph x x

  4. What an awesome post, lady! Speaks right to the heart, and is so needed (and appreciated)!!


  5. awesome post. i really needed that. especially the Elder Busche video. I don't doubt for a second that you will do incredible things in this life Sisi :) always be my friend k? love you

  6. Those are some great quotes!! Thanks for sharing and I am a new follower from the GFC Blog hop!!
    Hope you have a great week!


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