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Monday, June 4, 2012

Music Monday.

(+2 points for alliteration)

So. I talked about my road trip home in my last post. If you missed HERE.
On this ever-so-perfect road trip I learned a couple of lessons.

1. I'm pretty sure John Mayer sings my life. 

In Repair: John Mayer

Not just this song, but I swear, every single one of his songs.
The guy is a weirdo, but holy crap, that boy can write gooood music.

2. Tracy Chapman is PERFECT road trip music. Seriously, so classic.
I grew up listening to her because of my older sisters. There is something so relaxing and therapeutic and perfect about her lyrics, music and voice (despite it's odd masculinity).

3. I have a lot of good music on my iPod. I mean, not to toot my own horn or anything. 6,000 songs: it's bound to be pretty good, right?

P.S. 95 degrees in Provo today.

Oh, and this song...Gets me every time. 90's classic.
Plus, it reminds of me You've Got Mail. How can you not love that? is life. 


  1. When we were little my dad used to put in Conway Twitty and we would pass out. Years later I understood why. An instant snore.

  2. I thought Tracy Chapman was a dude for, like, six years.

  3. I just drove from my home to my best friend's home in Buffalo (~5 hours or so) and I listened to John Mayer almost the entire way. THE BEST! :)

  4. so, i know you want to be me, but did you really have to have copy my car playlist? the only thing missing is some good old celine dion to belt out. my kids ask me every time tracy chapman comes on if she's a boy or girl.


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