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Monday, May 14, 2012


So remember this choir that has taken up three years of my life?
Ya know, the one who made this music video with Alex Boye?
Well. I have 9,567,895 things to post about my final moments in this choir. 
I just don't even know where to begin. Just be prepared for some emotional posts coming soon. But, for now, I would like to show you these.
LDC has this tradition where we make videos for our tour that we go on at the end of the year. Most of them entail inside jokes, but oh my gosh, they are hilarious. 
If you dare, watch them! Haha.
I have been changed because of these crazy, ridiculous, wonderful people. 
Can ya tell?

This is Eric impersonating people in the choir. (I'm in it at 0:44, 5:18, and 5:34 seconds)

Oh, and Mormon Twilight. So Classic.
(I'm in at 2:28)

And the BEST one in my opinion. Watch this if you don't really understand the context. Adam did this--isn't he amazing?
Reminder: this is a joke. All of it. Haha.

I know, I know, you think I'm so cool. 
I'll sign autographs later.

I hope you all had a wonderful mother's day!
I didn't get to see mine because I'm stuck in poo-tah. I called her though. And that makes me a good daughter. Love my mom. Click here to see why. Hope your mom's day was awesome, Nona! Love you. All I want, at this exact moment, is to go home. Oregon is calling my name. Ah!
Side note: I feel like I had the same exact thoughts as last year on mother's day... My life is exactly the same. Awesome.

I also got to Skype with this cute little missionary yesterday.
I couldn't stop smiling.

Oh, and since we are on this movie tangent. Tanner's family let me tag along yesterday. They are so great. And so is this video of us having a dance party in his kitchen.
Good times.

You are my new best friend if you a) watched all of these and b) laughed. and c) got this far on the post.
Call me...maybe.
(yea, old one, I know)


  1. i got to skype a cute little brother missionary yesterday too :) made my day :) and yeah - i just wish i was home too...being in utah when you'd rather behome ins't so much fun..if only we could apparate...

  2. I got to skype with my brother and sister yesterday! yay for missionaries! also, small world, i went to high school and worked at Old Navy with Tanner (Elder) Charlesworth!

  3. What?!?! I got robbed! I only got a phone call with my little sis. What's with all this skype business?


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