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Monday, May 7, 2012

One Year.

Jambo (LDC--that welcome was for you).
One year ago in a couple of days, I left for Kenya, Africa with Kenya Keys. When I went on this service trip last summer, I don't think I fully understood how much it would affect my life. I miss it everyday. It was difficult, don't get me wrong. There were many many tears shed. It was an emotional roller coaster. But it was worth all of it. I miss those beautiful, perfect African children so much. I am so grateful for the experience that I had there and I cannot wait to return. I wish, more than anything, that I was going back this summer but I have some other priorities with school and teaching.
Next summer, people. Next summer. 

I'm currently re-reading all my posts and looking at the beautiful pictures from that incredible trip.
Here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.
(I don't think that's enough posts, do you? Ha). 
believe me, you'll want to see them all ;)

My friend posted this video on my Facebook wall today and I started crying. Too perfect. 


  1. If I wasn't at work I would watch the vlog, i'll come back.

    You my dear are a gift.

  2. Oh my goodness... I started crying at that video! And I've never been. Africa is my dream destination... someday!

  3. Wow you were in Kenya when I was in Uganda! we were practically next door neighbors! I would love to be going back to uganda this summer too but school calls. i miss it- every day. i will have to watch that video as soon as i get home from work. my friend also posted it on my facebook.

  4. I almost posted that same video on your wall today.

  5. Wow! You went to Africa...that's so special! I'm loving that beautiful video too ;)

  6. Wow. This is awesome! The video is amazing. I hope you can go back soon.


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