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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oh, Just Some Things That I Want....

If I had a Genie at this exact moment, this is what I would tell him that I want:

1. The Celtics to win this series.
Dad? Uncle Danny? A little help? Love my boys even though they frustrate the crap out of me. Keep on, keeping on C's.

3. For it to be Thursday already so that I can take a road trip home to Oregon!! Green trees, here I come. I don't even care that it's raining there right now. The Northwest girl (hippie?) in me is calling!
4. Summer lovin. That's all I'm going to say. (cuddle session)
5. Summer School to subside. (3 points for alliteration)
6. A tan.
7. Tickets to see Wicked in July. It's coming to Salt Lake and I will seriously be forever indebted to you if you take me. You will be my new best friend. I love making friends, that's all I'm saying.
8. Oh, just to win the lottery. No biggie. Remember when I said I was a broke ho? Yep,  that's still the case.
(if any of you know of any afternoon part time nanny jobs, or house sitting, or pet sitting things--keep me posted!!)
9. To not be stressed out for my future classroom. I do not know why I'm already worried about decorating and class management dgk/jsdklsdas ahhhh!!
10. Boating. Guys, it's summer. I NEED to get on a boat. ASAP.
11. Friends who are either a) not married b) not in a relationship c) not a mission or d) not working 12 hours in a day. yea....
12. That twenty pounds to be gone.
13. Zac Efron to realize that he's in love with me and come find me and sweep me off my feet and marry me (that's realistic, right?).

I know, right?
14. To be traveling in either Europe or Africa right now.
15. More money....
I'm not materialistic at all. I swear.
16. To get to 200 followers!!
17. Have all my family together in the same room.
18. SUSHI!!!!
19. Another episode of the Bachelorette. Guilty. I love it. Ew, I know.
20. To get out of this funk. True, genuine peace and happiness.

Well, on that note....
It's beautiful outside and I am grateful for everything that I have.
I promise.
I am one lucky girl. I know that.
Don't judge me, k?


  1. Dido on the tan! I need one so badly, ha ha!
    And I'm dying to see Wicked! If I can't make it to the Salt Lake show I'm hoping for Vegas! I think it goes there next!

  2. I want just about half of these... thinking of using your idea and switching it to a more Laker friendly post ;]

  3. I am rooting for the Spurs!! Go Spurs Go! And I had sushi today!! Let's go boating!!

  4. Hey it's Zac Efron...I would totally marry you. But I like boys. Sorry :(

  5. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower via email :-)

  6. I'm not married, in a relationship, on a mission or working 12 hours (most) days! I'll be your friend! I'm also craving a GOOD boating sesh. let's do this


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