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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dear Me {5): Picture Time!

Dear Me, 
Okay. So. You don't do a very good job at posting photos on here. 
So share with your wonderful readers the past year of LDC through pictures.
These moments, people, and experiences mean so much to me. So just bear with me!
Warning: Picture overload

sometimes we donate and are good citizens. 

Meredith's 21st Birthday (October 2011). Just dancing away. 

Jenny's Birthday Party. Pretty girls :)

Sometimes we do Mulan at luncheons and I blackout one of my teeth.
Can you see it? So beautiful. 
The blondes. And photobomb Casey and Adam. 
Singing at Forgotten Carols with Michael Mclean!
Remember when he laid in the middle of our circle? Weirdo. But love.

"You little...." 

I love the Sam Bowcut out of these people. 

Just some more parties. NBD. 

Sometimes Julia gets a mission call and we all gather. 

Yea. This happened a lot this year. 

Quality women. 

"Everyone act natural..." 

The most sexual game I have ever played at a bridal shower.
Only with LDC, right?

Literally top three best nights of my life. 

LDC filming with Alex Boye. 3 in the morning. Not happy. 

Sometimes we read Hunger Games out loud THE ENTIRE WAY. 

"Allie Morgan and Sierra Ainge are in a relationship" 

"Babe, it's fine. I know you're cold..."

Hey, look! Alex Boye!

Oh just FREEZING. 


the whole gang at the recording studio. 

my little baby, Courtney :)'re insane. But I love you. 

Sometimes I'm artsy. 

One of the best guys I know. 

Skyler and I are siblings?  JAMBO, SKY!

pensive. A lot of these moments happened. 

My girls. And Christmas sweaters. 

literally peeing my pants.
 Family photos starting now: 


My family: LDC's biggest supporters! 

Book of Mormon Show. Pioneer Clothes!

Nephite costumes. Matt Robins. That's all I'm saying. 

Check out that form! Br. Eggett would be proud!

Mark's family and I are best friends now. haha. 

This may be the most perfect picture taken this year. Most accurate, at least. 

You two are insane. but I love you. 

Sometimes we are Spice Girls in a talent show.
Heather, nice jersey ;)

love love love love

"Will you shake it for me?"

"Well, don't scream at me!"


GQ sometimes dates everyone. 

these people...i tell ya... 

Skits with the kids. 

Oh, Cody. 

Not one normal picture. Not one. 

LDC's old costumes. Had to bring them back.
Heather, what are the subtitles? Haha

These three have saved my life. Love my girls. 

On choir tour!


Always together. 

We ate.  A lot. 

But we also went to the temple. A lot :)

10 points if you can find sierra. 

"Sierra that jumper looks amazing on you." uhh...

This girl has changed my life. 

We have a lot of fun, huh? :)
And these are only some of the pictures....haha

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  1. hahaha sometimes McLean dates everyone

  2. I love the post theme, Dear Me, so cute! This one is such a great collection of memories!

    xo Kayla

  3. so so so many great pictures! loved them all. as well as loved your hot tamale post today!

  4. Love the pictures! Your blog is so cute! Visiting you from Hot Tamale :)

  5. Hey girl! Love the photos!! Great work! Dusty sent's nice to meet you!


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