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Saturday, May 19, 2012


I went on a blate!!!
Yes. A blogging date.
And it was perfect.
It was so much fun!
Brooke from The Silver Lining and Elisabeth from La Vita e Bella: you girls are amazing. Seriously. Thank you for being such adorable, fun, quality people. It's because of  girls like you that makes me want to keep blogging!
We stuffed our faces with Olive Garden breadsticks (so lady like) and talked about relationships. Shocking. 
See more pictures and details about this wonderful lunch on Elisabeth's blog. She's not as lazy as I am right now. Ha

We are planning on doing another one soon. Who wants in? If you live in the Provo area, come join!!!

squinty eyes. IT WAS BRIGHT, OKAY. 

P.S. I'm not normally that tall. I swear. It's those heels.
Although, I have been noticing that I am significantly taller than most girls. I feel like a giant when I stand next to all my friends in pictures...



  1. pick me pick me! i just read elisabeth's blog about the blate and it sounds fun! especially if we go to olive garden again. YUM

  2. awhh, i'm jealous(!) wish i could go on a blate, too. lols. unfortunately there isn't much of a proper community where i'm at. you gals look so pretty all dressed up (:

  3. Cute! I want to go on a blogging date!

    xo Jennifer

  4. I wish I did.. I have no blog friends haha I'm too much of a newb.

  5. i suddenly feel very inspired to go on a blogging date. true story: a girl interviewed at my work today for an open position and....i totally read her blog. i felt like such a stalker. i'm not sure yet if she knows who i am. ahaha

  6. Omg this is so cool. & I love the name you came up w a blate!

    I'm having a fun giveaway on my blog!


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