Sierra's View: Sunshine, cherry blossoms, and a springtime walk.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunshine, cherry blossoms, and a springtime walk.

One of my besties, Adam, and I went for a little stroll up to Rock Canyon path this afternoon.
Initially, we went to check out scenery for a (yes, another one!) music video my choir will be filming here in the near future.
Well, far too quickly, we found out that the river had zero water. Zero. So, we decided to continue walking and take cute pictures instead (naturally).*
I can feel the sunshine and I see the beautiful blossoms beginning to sprout.
And that, my dear friends, is a renewing, happy feeling!
Spring is here.

yes. I live 2 minutes from this. 

Sometimes I really love clouds. 

Phone break? 


Cherry Blossom Love. 

*and as he listened to my sad, dramatic stories. 
just spring venting, right?

I have a lot of emotions right now. A lot of events have happened these past four days that have triggered even more thoughts and reactions on my part (shocking I know). Most of it entails people treating me in a manner that is quite uncalled for and hurtful. This has, sadly, resulted in a questioning of myself and my confidence (let's not forget a little sadness, too). I just wrote a really long post, but I haven't decided if I wanted to publish it yet. It's a little angry. It's a little emotional. It's real, though. And sometimes, I want you all to understand that I am a real person. Because, quite honestly, I know that others relate to writing like that. I know I do.
In the meantime, these pictures are incredible. They are a reminder that things are really going to be okay, I have a lot to be grateful for, and that I am, in fact, a beautiful, kind, good person.

Man, I want a nice camera so bad. Anyone want to get me one? *Cough mom cough*

What are your favorite things about spring time?


P.S. Keep your eyes out for our Alex Boye music video coming out soon!!! 


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  2. You are so beautiful Sierra!!!

  3. Love these photos! and Sometimes it's nice to get your feelings out in writing, even if no one ever reads them. Writing things out is always therapeutic.
    I guess when deciding to publish it, read it again and ask yourself, "Will this hurt someone else in the same way that I was hurt?" If not, go for it. Nothing wrong with showing the world that you're a real person with real feelings. :)

  4. Beautiful pictures!! And BEAUTIFUL girl :)
    I am so sorry you've been hurt though. That is so not right!

  5. FYI. I think you are an awesome, beautiful person, and anyones who hurts your confidence. Send them my way. I'll egg their house or something equally awesome like that. :)

    I love your photos, gorgeous!

  6. Hey! I found your blog through Jessica's and I love it! I love your pictures; you're so pretty! I'm sorry you're not feeling great :(


  7. Oh stop, I am so jealous! That is seriously spectacular and I would give anything to live by such an adventurous spot!!

  8. Hello BEAUTIFUL! Just wanted to tell you: keep your head up! :) Negative people are no fun, and it's super tough to overcome those feelings of hurt. You ARE a kind and nice and good and lovely person, and that's just all that matters. LOVE all the photos. They are dreamy. :)

  9. Awesome! I know how you feel - I'm excited and hoping I can go hiking this weekend and get some pictures like this too!

  10. Such pretty pictures, I LOVE THEM!!!


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