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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Okay, well...

I swear I am still living, my dear blogging world.
My life is just CRAZY. 

What I have been up to:

-Deep cleaning an entire house. (yea...)
-Homework. Studying. Oh, and more projects&papers. Finals will be the death of me. 
-Seeing ex boyfriends and realizing that I am no longer the person that I used to be and that certain people will come and go from your life. The realization of finally saying, "Wow. It's time to move on," is definitely an empowering one. *
-Choir. Currently at my all day rehearsal. I needed a little "me" time, ya dig? Our upcoming show is next weekend (come! I'll give you more information on Monday!) I wrote the script for the show so it's been quite time consuming, but still a blessing. I cannot believe that next week is my last week of class in LDC. I look back on the past three years and wonder where my life has gone. I am a completely different person because of this choir. #choirnerdalert (more information on that later, too!). 
-Trying to savor moments with friends. I have so many wonderful things happening. I am so incredibly busy, sometimes I forget that blogging helps me deal. I never want this blog to be a burden, but a release, of creativity, writing, and expression for me, ya know? I've been doing a lot of reading in my scriptures and writing in my journal. The few moments that I have to myself I try to do that instead of blog. So, don't take it personal.
-9,743,523 bridal showers. No, but really. Tis the season. Just guess who many weddings I have this summer? 8. And it's only April...
I just wanted you all to know that I haven't completely disappeared. I have been going on a lot of random adventures. Spontaneity is my forte right now. Mostly because I am trying to avoid schoolwork and responsibility. Ha. 

Taking a break from cleaning with Kimmy and going on a little drive up to Ogden.
*Not the best decision. 

Oregon girls at Jessie's Bridal Shower! So fun to see them all! 

Titanic 3D. Changed my life. #katewinsletsboob 
No Name Saloon in Park City. This was a way cool bar. I felt so "PC" and rich. And cool. Ha. 

Look! Uncle Danny in Buffalo Wild Wings! 
Pondering. Look at that view! Squaw Peak with my love. 

Coloring eggs on Easter!
Bdubs4life with my people. 


  1. I am really excited for your show, BTW again I'd like to say the video was really good.

  2. Love ya Sierra. Can't wait to see your performance.

  3. Oh, and your music video is AWESOME!!

  4. haha I bet there have been lots of bridal showers cause yeah everyone gets married in the spring/summer time! I did! Thats fun though!


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