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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Last Weekend.

Alright, here's what went down:

Last Friday, Adam, Paul, and I ate our entire weight in Corner Bakery Café that opened up in Sandy, Utah. Paul is a big ol head honcho at a hotel there (What? When did you grow up?) So we got an “all you can eat” pass at this place from him. Guys. I cannot even begin to tell you how incredibly scrumptious this place was. I was literally groaning while I was eating (or maybe it’s because my blood sugar was low--don’t mess with me when I’m hungry). Long story short, we had 60 dollars worth of food for free. Oh yea, baby.
We, then, headed up to City Creek Mall in downtown Salt Lake.
HOLY HANNAH. Friends, if you live in Utah, you have to go check it out. I felt like I was in the future as I was walking around this mall. We all turned to each other and said, “I kind of feel like I’m living in the Capital from Hunger Games!” Ha. It’s colorful, beautiful, and futuristic manner put me into a complete daze. It was such a weird feeling.
And then I had an experience that has, quite literally, altered my perception of money.
We walked into Michael Kors (yes, all of the stores are designer stores) and I instantly fell in love. I put on a watch that was worth 250$ and my eyes lit up like the 4th of July (name that song). It was, for me, the first time, I had ever put on a piece of jewelry and I instantly felt more successful, more beautiful, and better about myself. How awful is that? But, friends, I wanted it so bad. I almost bought it. Seriously. It was absolutely gorgeous. We walked into Banana Republic and there was a jacket that made my heart stop. I don’t know what was happening to me!  I had never been so affected by fashion or money in my entire life. After these experiences, I realized how much fashion, success, and income can have such an impact on someone’s appearance and demeanor towards life in general. It’s sad, really. It’s disappointing that those materialistic pieces can have such an affect, whether positive or negative, toward someone. I want those things, I do. I will admit it. But, right then and there, I promised myself that I would never let those things rule my self-esteem nor my life. I enjoy looking cute.  I enjoy dressing up and looking presentable. But I do not need spend an exponential amount of money in order to have my confidence boosted. However, with that being said, I do not think it is wrong to buy something nice every once in awhile to treat yourself. If I had the means, I probably would have bought that jacket and watch. But I don’t. So I couldn’t allow myself to go there. (But, still, sometimes I daydream about having all the money in the world).
Good thing I will be rich someday with my teaching salary. NOT.
I just thought the entire experience was fascinating. I learned something new without even realizing it.
Funny how life works, eh?

Chocolate cake and the check. That we didn't pay for. Boo ya.
And the good news? Left overs for days!
Carbs anyone? So much for my weight watchers this night, eh? 

There are so many pretty sunsets in Utah, I swear. 

clouds & pretty sky. whoa. 

Sometimes I'm trendy and wear purple jeans. 

My boys and I at City Creek.
yea, I know. I'm a PLAYA. Holla. 

I want this chair (and everything in the background.
So Pinterest worthy!!!

And this, my friends, is thee jacket. That does not go with this outfit, dur. Oh, my heart. 

Watching General Conference in my bed.
Instagram: @sisiainge
I spent the rest of the weekend watching General Conference. On Sunday, I stayed in my bed and watched conference in the comfort of my own sheets. Yep, I didn’t even put on a bra until 5 pm (TMI?). That’s my kind of church!
It was exactly what I needed. Some of the talks that spoke out to me were Hallstrom, Uchtdorf, Holland, and Eyring. There were times when I find myself getting teary eyed as I wrote down quotes from these inspired men. They really do get it, huh? I really needed that spiritual enlightenment. I have been re-reading them this past week after some difficult encounters with others have been presented. I have needed the reminder to love those who despitefully use and abuse you.
It was so fun to see my choir director, Ryan Eggett, directing the MTC Choir singing Praise to the Man (a song, which interestingly enough, my choir will sing in our upcoming show) on Saturday afternoon. It was like seeing my second dad on TV. I got teary eyed (yes, again) as I watched those missionaries sing. I imagined all their loved ones seeing them and being touched by seeing the presence of their favorite missionaries. Oh, we can’t forget about that last shot of David Archuleta at the end, too. Nice work, cameraman. Add some drama to conference.   I was also incredibly moved when the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang “Come Thou Fount.” It is one of my all time favorite songs, and funny enough, my choir is singing that exact version in our upcoming show too (Guess we are inspired, eh? :) Yay for writing the script!).

In the evenings, I had bonfires with friends. Two nights in the row. I love ‘em. Sitting around a campfire, talking, laughing, singing=that’s such a summer feeling. And I like summer feelings. Minus the fact that my hair still reeks of campfire. Don’t like that feeling.

And that is my entirely too long, too detailed explanation of last weekend.
And that’s not even half of my thoughts throughout. If you only knew the constant goings and movements of my thoughts. Out of control.

I hope your life is as deep, emotional, fun, and inspirational as mine! Ha.

P.S. Alex Boye music video coming out in three days!!


  1. sounds like a great weekend!
    also, michael kors watches do that to me too.
    you are not alone.

  2. Playa playa!!!
    And Holland and Uchtdorf were my two favorite speakers!

  3. What a seriously lovely weekend. And I totally get it. Michael Kors has that effect on me too. You should have seen me the day I found a few MK bags at TJ Maxx. Oh sheesh. It was sad and pitiful and glorious all at the same time.

  4. Oh my gosh. I am SO freakin' sad we had to move to the middle of nowhere (ha ha, I'm being dramatic) in southern Utah 2 months ago. I am DYING to go to that new mall! Hopefully I can get up there this month!
    Your weekend sounds like it was perfect!

  5. okay, all that food looks and sounds delicious!! and isn't the city creek mall incredible!!!???
    xo TJ

  6. This makes me miss Utah so much! The more I read your blog, the more in love I become. With you and your blog. Muah!

  7. I am loving your new blog design. Cute and functional :) I love it.

  8. love the blog. maybe i should update my posts before giving it a makeover, though. there are a few things i miss about utah. the sunsets are (is?) one of those things.


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