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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I know, I know...

....I know
You guys are wondering where all my fantastic blog posts and impeccable writing has run off to?!
Well, I'll tell you. 
It's been here, here, here and here
I'm all over the blog world.
LOOK OUT. Can't stop this girl. 

Why, you ask?
Because finals week will be the death of me and my brain hurts too much to write.
Love me anyway? 

Oh, and here's a preview picture from my show this past weekend.
If you didn't show up...I don't know if we can be friends.
Just kidding. We can. But you owe me. 
(You did miss out on an incredible show, though).

Mi padre and I

My thought process as I looked at the above picture:
-Wow. I look nothing like my father.
-Nephite Costume. So hot right now.
-My hair is reeeeeally long. And I'm totally okay with it.
-I'm not as pasty white as I usually am. SUNSHINE IS HERE.
-sigh. So sweet. This picture is actually kinda precious.
-This was right after I bawled my eyes out through the last show. So many fond memories. Isn't music (and writing that accompanies) incredible?

I'll be back soon. 
I just need a mental break, ya know? 


  1. I love your costume! And what a sweet pic with your dad :) Hope your week is going great, girl! xoxo

  2. did you say you HAD a mental break or you need one? Fly out here for a week. there's NOTHING to do but swim and laugh at my kids....seriously, there's nothing else to do.

  3. I generally need a mental break at least once a week. At least. It's just best for my sanity.

  4. Ahh! You're gorgeous!!! <3

    Je t'aime!

  5. aw, that's such a sweet photo of you and your dad! :)

  6. I LOVE your hair!!! It's beautiful!

  7. you. make. me. laugh.

    and you are not pasty white, have you friggin' met my blog? you have, i already know.. you nephite. i'm goin' all lamanite on you.

  8. Rest your little brain before it explodes. That would be bad.

  9. I am a huge fan of long hair. Mine is quite long too and there is no sign of stopping! Your blonde locks are beautiful!


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