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Monday, April 23, 2012

Guest Post: Two Smuppies and Tagged!

Hi all!
Okay, I am swamped with finals and my show. Are you jealous yet?
Due to this overwhelming stress, I have found that guest posts make more sense. Don't hate me! Hey, this is better because then you don't have to hear me complain about my "oh so stressful life on my blog ;).  I'll be back soon.
However, I have WONDERFUL NEWS. I am proud to present Jes from Two Smuppies today! Jes is currently living in Portland (my home town) and makes me so incredibly homesick whenever she writes. Sometimes I feel like I'm attacking her blog with comments of "I love this about portland..." It's fine. She secretly loves it. Without further ado:

1.  What is one accomplishment that you are proud of?

One accomplishment that I am really proud of is graduating from the University of San Diego with double honors. I honestly barely passed high school because I was too busy not behaving (Mom, I'm kidding)... and had to go to a junior college to get the credits I needed to transfer. But even with all the obstacles (that I placed in front of myself to get to a 4 year college), I managed to graduate on time and with a GPA that I never thought was possible.

2. What are 3 qualities that you admire & appreciate in others?

The 3 qualities that I admire and appreciate in others have to be trust, honesty, and humility. 
I think other than being able to be honest with everyone and anyone, including yourself, that being able to laugh at yourself wholeheartedly is something that people undervalue and don't really take into account. But I appreciate it so, so much. There is nothing better than someone who laughs at themselves first before everyone else catches on.

3. Early Bird or night owl?

Early bird. Definitely. I am usually asleep by 9:30pm if I don't get a nap in. 

4. Describe what your PERFECT day would be like!

Perfect day? The sun would be shining, but not so much... just the right amount, where all you really need is a light jacket (are you following the movie reference?)... the dog would have already gone to the bathroom on his own, a breakfast burrito would be right next to my face at 10:31 a.m., I would have ZERO work emails, I would go get a burger for lunch and it would be an in&out burger, I'd hang out at the zoo with the elephants and they'd let me play with Packy, I'd have lasagna made for dinner, and then I'd go somewhere for dessert. Perhaps something like chocolate fondue. Even typing it, I knew it was going to be food related :) 

5. Without getting too personal, what is a goal that you are currently working on?

 A goal I am currently working on.... is exercising more. It's nearly impossible with the foods I eat to not feel like a tub of lard at the end of the day, but I find that even if I'm going to the gym for 11 minutes (which I have been known to do)... at least I still went? I'm working on it. I am! Plus, I just signed up for The Color Run and unless I want to be that person that collapses, I need to get my butt in shape. 

6. What is your favorite snack?

OH MY GOSH. You can't make me choose. You can't. To pick one thing would hurt my soul to the ends of the earth and back. Why? Because this is what my snack cabinet looks like. 

7. What are your favorite bands/ artists?
Three words: Team John Mayer. 

8. What is your favorite holiday and why?

My favorite holiday might be Halloween. Even though I don't like being scared, I sure do love the candy that comes with the day. Especially because I have two nieces that don't eat that much candy, so I just dig into their stash. It's so nice having a sister who has kids on holidays. And I love the sales that come the next day!

9. Have you broken any bones or had any crazy injuries? If so, what were they?

Knock on wood, the only surgery I've ever had is wisdom teeth removal surgery. And the first thing I did when they woke me up out of my deep sleep due to anesthesia, was to ask for my teeth. So, I have two of my wisdom teeth hanging out in my apartment somewhere. I should probably find them. 

10. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In 10 years, I see myself with a family (hopefully). I see myself still with Manturd too because I'm pretty sure we are forever. The only thing that would break us up is if he clips his nails anywhere near my food. I also see myself with 10 dogs but I think I need to work the logistics out for this one first. And I see myself winning the lottery somewhere down the line so that I would never have to work :) 

11. If you could pack your bags and drive to the airport right now without giving a though about money, where would you go?

I think I would go to the south of France. I studied abroad in London while I was in college and did a week in the south of France and to this day, it is still my favorite place on earth that I have ever been to. It is beautiful and I will never forget it. I'd like to go back and stay a little longer and just soak in that sun and eat gelato all day long. Plus, even though people complain about the French... I liked them. 

Thanks Jes! Isn't she awesome, y'all? 
I'm guest posting over on her blog today, too. Check it, yo.

My dear friend, Allie, did this whole shenanigans where she "Tagged" Me.
I decided to just use the questions that she asked me for the guest post today.
So, my friends, this is my post! I officially tag YOU: all my readers. I'm such a cheater :)
Hey, my sista from another mista (that's you, Allie), this is gonna count because:
1. I am far too exhausted to do the whole thing and 2. You're my bestie so you'll have to love me anyway.

P.S. Thank you to Anna over at A Sweet Southern Mess who tagged me for the Liebster Blog Award.
I feel so honored! However, I have already posted about that HERE.
I want you to know that, in spite of the award already being passed onto me (GUYS. I HAVE BLOGGING FRIENDS! MOMENT OF SILENCE) I am still so happy that you did! So thank you!!

Okay, I'm really leaving now. Wish me luck on finals (death) week.


  1. Dear Jes - Your favorite holiday is Halloween? How did I not know this? This is good news.

    Dear Sierra - I will now stalk your blog.

  2. Stopping by from Two Smuppies! =) New follower! xoxo

  3. Oh, Smup! You are officially apart of my family now, you have airheads and cheeze its in your cabinet. I am so proud of you. College is so important. I also need a smart friend.

  4. Oh Jeszilla.. I just friggin love you. Like a lot, but not a creeper amount, all in due time, all in due time.

    Who says I can't get stoned? I sing that song every day, at least twice.

    I'm not coming to visit you until you get rid of those effing teeth.

  5. i love jes. so great. good luck with everything!

  6. Ohhh snap. I love Jes and I love you. Oh, and I love this!


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